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August Challenge: Art, Photos and Gallery Walls

August is here and it’s time for the last monthly challenge of the Year of Details project! It’s been a year of fun projects that have really improved the way I feel about my own home and I know from all the comments and messages I get that it has improved the way a lot of you feel about your homes as well. That makes me so happy!

The August project is all about art, photos and gallery walls. For some reason, art and photos tend to get put off. Intentions are there, but it can wait for another day, and ends up not getting done. Sometimes for years. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

We have pieces of art that we mean to frame or hang up, just haven’t gotten around to it. We have family photos that we mean to frame or hang up, just haven’t gotten around to it. We have dreams and ideas for a really cool gallery wall, just haven’t gotten around to doing it.

The goal this month is identify one project that involves displaying art or photos and GET IT DONE. Art and photos are some of the most important pieces in pulling a home together; it’s what turns a space into a personal and unique home. But don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do all the art and photos you’ve been meaning to do around your home, just pick one project.

I personally have many projects that I could work on that fall into this category. I am choosing to start with my entrance area. I have an existing gallery wall and a number of family photos there, but all the photos are from when my kids were babies or toddlers. They are now 8 and 10. I haven’t managed to add more recent photos of our family for YEARS!

What project will you work on? Here is some inspiration for displaying family photos:

A Cup of Jo
Architectural Digest
I love this idea in a dining room or casual breakfast nook. It reminds me the walls of an Italian restaurant covered with photos of celebrity guests.
Home Edit
Isn’t this a wonderful way of displaying old family photos? But no reason to limit yourself to vintage pics; current black and white snaps of your family would be just as good.

And here is some inspiration for creating a gorgeous gallery wall:

That big picture is actually the TV! My dream is to have one of these customisable frame televisions.
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

I’ll be back later this month to let you know how my project is going. Til then I’d love to hear what you find especially challenging about art, photos and gallery walls!



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  • Margaret Tournier

    September 1, 2020

    Love the pictures going up your staircase. You are so artistic with great organizational ideas.

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