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Bathroom Renovation Plan

I’ve returned from holiday and am slowly getting back into a work routine, trying to keep that relaxed summer vibe while tackling big projects at the same time.

We spent two weeks away, the first was an adventurous week traveling around Slovenia and the second was enjoying the beautiful Croatian coast. The whole family agreed it was our best holiday ever. Being stuck at home for so many months may have played a part in that, but mostly it was the stunning locations and all the activities we did from canyoning and hiking in Slovenia to boating and stand-up paddling in Croatia. It was a very active holiday and we loved it.

But now it’s back to work! I had decided for the July challenge of A Year of Details that I would redecorate my bathroom in order to improve my morning and evening routines. I start and finish my days in this space and I would love for it to be beautiful, clutter-free and inspiring.

Family Bathroom Makeover

I had so much success with my last bathroom makeover, making simple and easy changes (see that makeover reveal here), that I wanted to do the same in my top floor small-space bathroom that I use almost exclusively. I share it with guests on occasion 😉

Below are a couple of reminder photos of what my bathroom looks like now. Plane white floors, floor-to-ceiling white tiles on the walls and the unfortunate addition of bright blue fixtures and a splashy tile border around the whole room.

Current Situation: Not clutter-free!
Current Situation: Not insipring!

I started the preliminary designs before I left for holiday and since I’ve been back I have put in quite a few hours creating the plan to turn my bathroom into a space I love. In the end I have decided to make more substantial changes than originally planned. Take a look at my design boards…

The inspiration shot is at the top left is from Andrea West Design

Sink Unit

I will be replacing the sink with a hanging built-in cabinet unit with two drawers. I spent a lot of time searching for a small cabinet to replace the wrought iron shelf that holds my makeup, hairdryer, etc. I searched and searched but couldn’t find what was really going to solve the problem. I realized the only way to truly get my products put away and cleaned up once and for all was to have easy-access drawers right under the sink. This will be the most expensive part of the project, but I know it will be worth it.

When making decisions about purchases (whether in your home, your wardrobe, etc.) it helps to think about how often you will use it and what kind of change it will make to your daily life. In this case, I know the built-in drawers will bring me joy on a daily basis for years to come.

When I discussed this with my husband and explained my rationale behind the new sink and drawers, he said he understood and made a funny analogy. “It’s like the expensive milk frother we bought a couple years ago. Every morning when I make coffee I think how happy I am that we bought this.” Exactly! Sometimes it makes more sense to go for (or save up for!) the big purchase that’s going to make a world of difference in your daily life rather than making a less expensive, yet half-hearted try at fixing a problem.


The other big change will be replacing all the hardware (faucets, shower fixtures, etc). Banishing the blue is top priority! My aim is to replace everything with black fixtures. I love the look of black, but this will be the most challenging part of the plan. Because I’m only replacing the hardware, as opposed to a total renovation with all new tile, I will have to find fixtures that fit exactly into the positions of the old fixtures in the shower. The number and position of the old knobs is unusual and black fixtures are not standard. I have not yet been successful finding every replacement knob and attachment in black. Let’s see if I can pull it off!

Tile Border

To cover up the colorful stripe around the room I will be painting that thin strip of tiles with tile paint in black. The goal is to create a tuxedo look of white tiles with a black pinstripe to compliment dramatic black and white tile flooring. I’ll be doing this job myself and I’ve never painted tile before, so wish me luck this it will be as easy as I think it will be!


To add pattern and pizazz I will be using tile stickers on the floor. I haven’t decided yet on the black background (pictured up top) or the white background (directly above). I found the vinyl stickers on Etsy from Hexagon Decor. This is another part of the project that I will be doing myself and will again be a first experience for me!

The Details

Last but not least will, of course, be adding in all the little details. Plants and art will be playing starring roles, including this fun print I picked up on holiday two weeks ago at my favorite shop in Ljubliana, Slovenia. I purchased a total of four prints from the French illustration brand All The Ways To Say, two of which will go in my bathroom. Not only do I adore the print and it fits perfectly into my design scheme, it will also forever remind me of a wonderful holiday and the city where I found it, one of my favorite cities in the world.

I would love to have this project completed by the end of the summer school holidays – the middle of August. Unfortunately with these kind of projects, you can never lay down a fixed deadline. Let’s see if I can source all the products in a timely fashion and complete the DIY projects without any surprises. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m off to the hardware store now to check out the tile paint….

See you here in a few days to introduce the August challenge: Photos, pictures and art!



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