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Outdoor Seating For Two

My chairs have finally arrived and I’m so pleased to have this outdoor space put together. This area near, the front door of my home, only gets morning sun which makes it the perfect shaded spot for long, hot, summery evenings. I wanted to create a space that my husband and I can happily sit with a cool drink and enjoy the end of the day. Plus, it makes a welcoming view as you walk towards my front door.

The chairs arrived just in time for a location shoot done at my house for a cosmetic company. A team of cameramen, models, creative directors and really motivated interns spent more than 12 hours at my house shooting videos and photographs inside and out. It was so much fun to see the behind-the-scenes process of shooting marketing material and I so enjoyed helping style the scenes and taking photos.

Quite a few photos were taken in my new seating area. Here you can see the models, dressed beautifully in Frankfurt-based fashion label Coco Lores, interacting with the products in my new chairs.

Below the models have played out the scene of a birthday party. Although I’ve hardly had time to enjoy this area yet myself, I can already imagine how nice it will be to have a drink or celebrate here with friends!

The new makeup brand, called La Manufacture, will be launching around September so I will definitely be sharing more of the shoot with you over the next months. I can’t wait to see how the professional photos and videos turn out!

In the meantime, I hope you are also enjoying your outdoor spaces!



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