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May Challenge: Bath Towels and Pampering

When I created the schedule for the Year of Details project, I assigned ‘Towels” to be the May challenge, but I’ve decided to expand the scope somewhat. After the April Spring Cleaning challenge where we cleaned and decluttered the bathroom including towels, I felt like changing the focus to include the whole bathroom with one goal in mind: creating a spa-like feeling in our own homes.

We can’t go to the spa at the moment so we might as well try to create one at home!

After being at home for 7.5 weeks due to the Corona pandemic, I feel like we need this more than ever. I personally need as much pampering at home as I can get. After working and homeschooling my kids, I need a spa day (or a week!) more than I ever have in my life.

So let’s see what we can do this month to create a more serene feeling in our own bathrooms!

I will be concentrating on our family bathroom. The space works fine, but it’s hardly an oasis of tranquility. Here’s what I’d like to do this month:

My May To Do List:

1.Sort through ALL towels (including beach towels, kitchen towels, etc.) and bath mats. Replace where necessary.

2. Consider bathroom cabinet where towels are stored. I have had the cabinet for 15 years, it’s basic and it works but is there an affordable option that could significantly improve the look and feel of the bathroom?

2. Declutter all the products sitting out in the bathroom and think about how these products are stored and displayed. I would like to try some simple bottles and dispensers (like those below) to create a more orderly look.


3. Create a color/design scheme for the room. Even though I’m a designer, this is not something I have taken the time to do since we moved in. We have simply used the space in a practical sense, but how can I create a coherent look and feel with a few simple changes and additions? The image below from HK Living is my inspiration.

HK Living

4. Prepare for pampering. The main family bathroom is the only bathroom in our home with a bathtub. As much as I enjoy taking baths, I rarely take them because the room is often filled with all the family’s stuff and doesn’t feel relaxing and inviting to me. How can I change that?

I recently ordered the bathroom caddy below that I plan to make into my personal pampering station 🙂

I hope this post inspires you to add a little pampering to your home life. We all deserve it more than ever!

If you need help, you can find my services and contact info here.

I’ll be checking back in mid-month with more inspiration and to show you the progress I’ve made.



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