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Corona Family Diary

I keep saying this and I really believe it: We are going to remember this time for the rest of our lives. I really wanted to have some kind of family journal of this time so we can remember how we spent our time at home. I’ve come up with a few questions that each family member has to answer each week.

For now, I have just printed the questions out on paper and am saving them in a folder. What I will eventually do with them will depend on how long this situation lasts. If it goes on for a long time I will scan them and make a complete photo book with our “journal entries” plus photos. If it doesn’t last that long (can you feel the hopeful desperation?) then I will add the pages and photos to a photo book for the year 2020.

My kids (age 8 and 10) didn’t feel like writing down their answers themselves so I wrote for them. I don’t want this to feel like more homework for them. It was fun to sit around and talk about it and I took notes.

Here are our questions and some of the answers that showed up this past weekend. The mood was good, but this week has gotten harder and I’m curious to compare these answers with the ones that we will write on the coming weekend.

How many days have we been at home?

14 days (when we sat down together to answer the questions).

What is the current mood?

Nicole: The mood is mostly good. We have good days and so-so days when the kids are less motivated to do school work. So far we have completed what needs to be done every day and that’s a big accomplishment.

Best memory of the last week:

Maddie (10): Playing Nines and Gin Rummy on the terrace with Mommy and drinking wellness cocktails.

Worst experience of the past week:

Sebastian: Going to the supermarket and finding empty shelves where the Nutella should be. Damn hoarders!

What is annoying about the situation?

Colin (8): Having to do so much schoolwork every day and helping clean the house. Oh and Mommy cutting my hair.

What’s especially fun?

Nicole: Wine dates with friends using Zoom.

Some photos of our family from the past week.

Some questions I want to add this week :

How are you spending most of your time indoors?

How are you spending most of your time outdoors?

Current favorite game?

Favorite TV show to binge watch?

Foods we are currently cooking and eating?

Hoping you are all staying healthy and sane!



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