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April Challenge: Spring Cleaning

Spring is here but this is like no other April we have experienced before. I am feeling both overwhelmed and restless during this period of Corona confinement.

The original plan for a Year of Details in April was to focus on the cleaning closet and the laundry room. I have decided to expand that to doing a 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge. We will start with the cleaning closet and end with the laundry room so we’re absolutely sticking to the original plan 😉 And you can do as many or as few of the daily prompts as you want!

The new normal during our Corona Confinement has left me often overwhelmed with the state of our home. The whole family is home all the time, we’re eating three meals a day here and the house is showing signs of strain. So am I, to be honest! Homeschooling on top of working from home is stressful and I feel I have no time to constantly tidy and clean.

A fully-stocked cleaning caddy goes a long way. Mine is filled with a multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, a duster, brush and clean cloths. This one is from mDesign found here.

I’ve decided that a daily task will help, but I’m giving myself A LOT of grace with this challenge. I plan to do the allotted task every day, but just for 10-15 minutes with a timer. If it’s possible and I feel like continuing for a longer period of time, I will do so. But if the timer goes off after 10 minutes of cleaning I might just stop, pat myself on the back and say “Hey, it’s better than before!”

You can spend as much times as you like on each task. If you go into this challenge with low expectations (like me) and plan on spending 10-15 minutes per day, it’s important to keep that in mind when you start each task. For example, if the day’s challenge is to clean the refrigerator, don’t spend 10 minutes taking everything out if you know that’s all the time you will be spending on this task. Instead, just do one shelf or the door area of the refrigerator. Once you get started, you might continue. Or not. That’s ok! Something is better than nothing!

Below is the schedule! I am sharing the printable PDF as well as tips on cleaning appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine in my newsletter. Sign up here.

Day 1: Declutter cleaning cupboard/closet


Day 2: Clear and Clean Kitchen Counters

Day 3: Clean Small Appliances

Day 4: Purge and Clean Refrigerator (and Freezer – optional)

Day 5: Clean Oven 

Day 6: Clean Dishwasher

Day 7: Clear and Clean Pantry or Food Storage Area

Day 8: Declutter Junk Drawer

Day 9: Clean Windows

Living Areas

Day 10: Clear All Flat Surfaces and Dust Light Fixtures

Day 11: Deep Vacuum (under couch cushions and under furniture)

Day 12: Launder Throws and Pillows (seasonal swap?)

Day 13: Clean Windows (at least one!)


Day 14: Declutter All Surfaces and Dust Light Fixtures

Day 15: Deep Vacuum (corners and under furniture)

Day 16: Declutter and Clean At Least Two Drawers or Cupboards

Day 17: Clean Out Medicine Cabinet

Day 18: Inventory Towels (get rid of any that are worn)

Day 19: Clean Windows

Master Bedroom

Day 20: Declutter And Dust All Surfaces

Day 21: Deep Vacuuming (under bed and furniture)

Day 22: Clean Windows and Launder Curtains (if possible)

Day 23: Wash Pillows and Bedding (seasonal swap?)

Other Bedrooms (Kids Rooms)

Day 24: Declutter and Dust All Surfaces

Day 25: Deep Vacuuming (under bed and furniture)

Day 26: Clean Windows and Launder Curtains (if possible)

Day 27: Wash pillows and Bedding (seasonal swap?)

Laundry Room

Day 28: Declutter and Clean Space

Day 29: Clean Washer and Dryer

Last Day!

Day 30: Wipe Marks Off Walls (hallways) and celebrate!!!!!

I highly recommend doing these types of challenges with friends! Set up a WhatsApp group with 2-4 friends and complete the challenge together. Send pics every day of what you do. It often turns into lots of funny bantering and jokes and that will be your motivation to keep it up.

Happy cleaning, try to stay healthy and sane and I’ll be back mid-month to see how we’re all doing.



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