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Design Trends 2020

I am a firm believer that you should design and decorate your home according to your own tastes and needs, yet it’s nonetheless fun to take a peak at the new trends in the new year. And in this case, the new decade.

Looking back over the last 10 years, I wonder which trends will stand out in the future as the quintessential trends of the 2010s. The color grey, millennial pink, all white kitchens, the rise of mid-century modern furniture, Scandi minimalist? Which of these trends will stay with us in the next decade? Only time will tell.

In the meantime let us peruse a few trends the experts say are set to make a splash this year. Which ones could you imagine in your home?

Blue is the new Grey

Could it be possible that ubiquitous grey is actually receding from the top spot in color choices for everything from furniture to wall colors? Panatone’s Color of the Year 2020 is called Classic Blue and it’s expected that we’ll be seeing a lot more blues in the coming months.

Natural and Cozy

We’ve seen a lot of relaxed and comfortable interiors over the past years in the Scandinavian and Boho styles. This is an evolution of those styles with warmer tones. Once again we will be seeing less grey and in this case more beige and oatmeal. The style feels relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalist. Think natural fibers, raw materials and unrefined finishes, quality pieces rather than quick-fix buys. This element of more thoughtful home choices comes from the trend for being aware of sustainability.

via Pinterest


Meet the new hybrid design trend of Japanese and Scandi. The name sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s not hard to see why these two styles have been paired. Though they come from different sides of the globe, they share similar principles such as minimalism, function-driven spaces and statement pieces rather than an abundance of decor. Retail stores such as H&M Home, Habitat, and MADE are embracing this style. It’s all about making your home a sanctuary with a less-is-more approach: uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette.

H&M Home via Harpers Bazaar

Moody Scandi

Another new take on the very popular Scandinavian style is with a darker twist. It’s being called New Nordic, which is just the same style of minimalism and beautifully designed furniture and lamps that we’ve loved for the last years plus a bit of added drama thanks to darker walls.


The next decade isn’t only going to start with soft color palettes and Nordic inspiration. Bright and bold abstract is also on trend, taking inspiration from abstract expressionist artwork. With bold geometrics, hand-drawn sketches and playful blocks of colour this look is all about expressing personality in our homes. If you’re getting bored with your neutral spaces, adding accessories from this trend could give a whole new look to your room.

Statement Ceilings

Forget statement walls, we’ve moved up in the world of decor. All the way up to the ceiling. You’re going to see lots of boldly painted and wallpapered rooms right up at the top. In larger spaces like a big dining room I suggest going bold and contrasting the ceiling with the walls. But in smaller spaces like a bathroom or hallway, paint or paper the ceiling the same or very similar to the walls.

Eclectic Glamour

Think 1930s sophistication meets 1970s sexy maximalism. It’s a bold, confident and sassy take on the glamour trend that we started to see last year. You will be seeing lots of geometric prints, gold and fun chairs that make you want to sip cocktails.

West Elm via Pinterest

Animal Prints

Not that animal print isn’t always in style, but in 2020 you will once again be seeing a lot of it. Just as we have in fashion over the past year. From cheetah to zebra, an animal print accessory can be added in anywhere.

Tell me what your favorite trend for 2020 is!



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