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Happy Holidays

The house is decorated, the presents are bought but not yet wrapped and it’s starting to feel like Christmas, except for the unusually warm and wet weather.

December has been so full of activities and appointments, planned and unplanned, but it finally feels like things are winding down and we can now just enjoy the festive season.

I kept things very simple. Neutral colors on the tree with giant magnolia flowers and twinkling lights.

For the third year in a row we have used the owl envelopes as an Advent calendar filled with slips of paper with an activity to do each day, such as “Family cuddles on the couch,” “Watch Home Alone” or “Bake Christmas cookies.” As the envelopes have been opened and come down I have been filling the space with Christmas cards arriving from family and friends.

The little details always make the difference to me.

I’ve kept my dining table pretty clean and simple. That is, when it’s not covered in a project or homework or Monopoly.

I did host a lovely girls Christmas get-together this past week so I had the chance to set a nice table scape.

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I’m really looking forward to a nice long break to relax with my family and take stock of the year. That lovely time between Christmas and New Years is when I start planning and setting intentions for the year ahead, something I really enjoy doing.

We will of course be continuing with the Year of Details in January when we will be focusing on cozy rituals in your home, perfect for the long winter months ahead.

See you here next year!



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