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Design Trend: Rattan and Cane Furniture

Cane and rattan might make you think of the 70s, but they have found their way back into the modern design world and I am personally quite smitten with the look.

You might be wondering, what is the difference between rattan and cane?

Rattan furniture is technically when the entire piece is made out of a lightweight vine from the palm tree family. Rattan is often used outdoors and seen in tropical parts of the world. Today, however you’re seeing it used everywhere, certainly indoors as well as out. It adds beautiful texture to a space and goes well with so many different styles, from Scandinavian to Mid-century modern. And because it’s so light and easy to move, they make great occasional chairs.

Photo by Nicole Varga

I have a lovely rattan peacock chair in my bedroom (seen above). The texture adds so much warmth to the otherwise black and white space. It’s a great material to add a unique piece to a room.

Some more gorgeous examples of rattan….

So what then is cane? Cane is part of the rattan plant and has traditionally been woven and used to cover chair seats or used on the doors of cabinets. It’s very lightweight, pliable in nature and resists stains. This style of furniture has an elevated and refined feel to it, adding a touch of Colonial Asian or Parisian bistro. Thonet used caning extensively in their iconic bentwood chairs, on the seats and backs.

Classic Thonet chair via The Conran Shop
Modern Thonet chair via Gebruder Thonet Vienna

More stunningly modern examples of caned furniture….

Maison Sarah Lavoine

Shop the look! I’ve rounded up loads of beautiful cane and rattan products. You will see that the brand HKLiving shows up again and again. The Dutch brand has taken the lead on bringing back cane webbing to their furniture design.

Have a look and tell me which is your favorite. Wouldn’t Number 5 make a fabulous drinks cabinet?

One | Two | Three |Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

Fashion Post Script….

As is often the case, fashion and interior trends go hand in hand. Two purchases I have made for my summer wardrobe fit right into the rattan and cane trend.

The basket bag from Zara is made of jute and echos the rattan furniture above. And take a close look at the yellow dress I found at &OtherStories. I’ve just noticed that the pattern is the exact woven pattern on traditional caning.



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