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Loves and Links: Going Green in the Kitchen

I’m back with another Loves and Links post and this time I’m sharing some environmentally-friendly products for the kitchen. We try to constantly reduce the amount of throw-away products used in the kitchen and my husband is always pushing me to find new ways of not using plastic. Of course I’m even quicker to jump on board when sustainable products are pretty as well as practical.

So here are a few things I’ve found. I’ll start with the ones I actually use and then move on to some new ideas I’ve found and want to try.

  1. Lovely linen. I grew up using cloth napkins, not out of formality, but my mom was ahead of the trend and wanted to be eco friendly. But I will admit that I have only recently added these beautiful linen napkins to my home. We don’t use napkins everyday. We use them only when needed and, of course, with guests. Is that weird? In any case, I now have a gorgeous set of green linen napkins from Sand Snow Linen, an Etsy shop located in Lithuania. I love the napkins and was so pleased with the beautiful packaging. It’s the little things that brighten you day 🙂 I started with a set of four in dark green and am now dreaming of building a collection with some greys and maybe a honey or berry thrown in….

2. Unpaper towels. I have also recently ordered these reusable paper towels. They are also from an Etsy shop, this one is called the Green and Happy Shop, located in the Netherlands. The cotton cloths snap together so you can put them on a paper towel holder and after you use them you throw them in the wash instead of the trash. I love the idea and I’m just getting used to using them.

3. Is your glass half full? I’m slowly replacing all of my plastic Tupperware with glass containers. There are surely many places to buy these, but one of my favorite sources for beautiful, minimalistic practical products is the Swedish shop Granit. They are also my source for wooden brushes to clean dishes instead of the cheap throw-away plastic one from Ikea. You know the one. Is yours blue or red?

Bee’s Wrap

4. Wrap your mind around this. It’s called Bee’s Wrap and it’s an alternative to cling wrap or aluminum foil. You can wrap food in it, or cover up a container and it’s reusable for up to a year. It’s made out of organic cotton and coated in beeswax and jojoba oil. I haven’t tried it yet.

5. Net a porter. These organic cotton bags are very affordable and are perfect for the supermarket or even the swimming pool. The company Re-Sack also makes net bags to use instead of the plastic bags to put produce in at the supermarket. Wouldn’t these simple cream bags look lovely hanging on a wooden hook in your kitchen? On my to-buy list.

6. Everything happens in the kitchen, so it might as well look pretty. These snazzy reusable cleaning cloths keep showing up in my Instagram feed and I think they’re so much fun. They are from Hamburg-based Kiss My Kitchen. This proves that absolutely everything can be stylish and beautiful, even cleaning supplies!

7. Eye candy. This inner-city Aussie home has upgraded itself into a cozy, eco-friendly habitat using sustainable materials. The kitchen counter is made from recycled bamboo and paper.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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