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Trends 2019

While I am definitely not a designer who suggests you should hop on board every new trend, I think it’s simply fun to see what’s new this year. And also what’s come back. So much of design is cyclical, so don’t worry if what you love isn’t on trend, one of these years it will be!

If you love one of these trends, ask yourself a couple questions before you buy that magenta velvet sofa with fringed bottom: Have you always loved this style? Or does it feel fresh and new right now, but there’s a good chance next year you’ll be on to something else? If you really love a style, then go to town. But if it’s most likely a passing fancy, then try adding it in with small design accessories. Or just enjoy looking at it in other people’s homes!

Number 1: The Hook-up Nook

via Pinterest

This cracks me up. Someone has given the cozy nook a whole new name to make us sit up and take notice. What could just be referred to as a reading nook takes on a whole new meaning. Totally sweet for parents with small kids, trying to fit in a little romance, but if you’ve got teenagers I would think twice about calling it a hook-up nook 😉

Number 2: Jungalow

via Pinterest

Botanical wallpaper, pattern on pattern on pattern, the return of rattan and tropical decor, and of course plants everywhere. Over the last few years we’ve seen some of these elements, but it was often against a white backdrop. Enter the dramatic wallpaper in turquoises and greens and don’t forget to add the fuchsia. It’s a 70s tropical vibe and it’s very fun. A refreshing response to the minimalist movement of recent years.

Number 3: Edgy Jewel Tones

via Pinterest

Sapphire, emerald, citrine and more. Jewel tones, on furniture and on the walls, are making a comeback. Once again this is a departure from the white walls and monochrome designs of the past few years. Dark and moody and often mixed together in one design scheme.

Number 4: Four Poster Beds

Don’t worry if you aren not quite ready to throw in the white walls and minimalist design. This year has still got you covered, especially in the bedroom. Four poster beds are riding out the Hygge trend of recent years. What could be more cozy than a bed that shelters you? Also adorable and cozy for kids.

Number 5: Fringe, Trim and Tassles

5. Fringe fits in very nicely with #4, the jewel tones. We’ve seen fringe and tassels paired with boho, but you’re going to see it now with a more sophisticated take on design. And you won’t just see it on the bottom of sofas, it’s popping up in fashion as well. This is certainly something you can add in with accessories if you love it. Pillows or a handbag, perhaps?

Number Six: Loaded Cocktails

Lastly I’ve got to mention this food trend. Loaded cocktails are apparently a thing in the US, and I hope it makes its way to Europe. Cocktails with food on top is a dream: drink and appetizers in one! So far I’m seeing mostly Bloody Mary, but I won’t be surprised if this trend expands to other cocktails as well. Here’s hoping!



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  • Rose

    February 2, 2019

    Some fun and unique ideas. Always enjoy looking and then let your imagine run. Thanks Nicole.

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