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Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

Loves and Links: Kids

I hope you’ve had a great start to 2019! I had a wonderful three weeks off coinciding with the school holidays. Christmas, New Years and then a week away in the Bavarian Forest for snow and spa. We stayed at a family hotel that we know quite well and it was perfect. The kids had so much to do and they are old enough now (7 and 9) that they could go off and do nearly everything on their own. That meant my husband and I actually got to lounge around and relax TOGETHER instead of taking turns as in years past. Honestly, the best part of the week was not having to think about cooking or preparing meals, not to mention cleaning up. Ahhh, but now we’re back to work and school and daily cooking and cleaning up…

Anyway, as I’m talking about kids I also want to share some fun products and posts that I’ve recently discovered relating to kids. I haven’t done a “This Week’s Loves and Links” post in quite a while. It was hard to keep up with doing them every week, but I miss sharing the fun things I find so I’ve decided to bring it back, but more on a monthly basis with a theme. Here goes:

1 Zoey Zo Stickers for the Ikea Play kitchen. I’m so sad that we got rid of our Ikea play kitchen last year before I discovered these stickers. My kids haven’t played with the kitchen in ages but that wouldn’t have stopped me from decorating it!!!


2. Here is one of those whimsical kid spaces that we can dream about but know will never actually exist in our homes 😉 Still so much fun to look at.

3. Santa delivered two of these bean bags at Christmas and the kids absolutely love them. This is a shot of one in my son’s room. I’m really pleased with them as well. Very high quality, removable and washable cover (bonus!) and they are handmade in Germany. We were really satisfied with the customer service, so I would highly recommend them. We got the 250 Liter size and I think my kids will be using them for years to come.

4. I’ve had my eye on these lamps from Mr. Bright One for a while. There are multiple versions and I think they add some fun character to a child’s room with just a simple lightbulb.

5. I do love lamps and this bunny, named Joseph, is pretty much the cutest thing ever. He’s found on Minicatwalk who also have an adorable collection of stuffed animals.

6. A great source for stylish kids furniture and accessories is the French shop Cyrillus. I wouldn’t mind this chair for myself, but it’s child-sized.



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