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allthelittledetails.co My Favourite Things 2018

A few of my Favorite Things 2018

December is here and Christmas is fast approaching. Have you started to decorate? We’ve got the tree up and nearly all of the decorations inside. I’m going to try to get some outside decorations up this week. I really like to get things done at the beginning of the season so I can fully enjoy them, otherwise I feel like I’m struggling to get them up only to take them down again.

And what about your Christmas shopping? I’ve been surprisingly organised this year. We’ve got both kids’ birthdays right around the holidays so this time of year can be really stressful in addition to fun. Keeping things organised is tough, but so necessary for my sanity.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite things. It’s a combination of gift ideas, decorations and treats for you because we so deserve treats this time of year!

allthelittledetails.co My Favourite Things 2018

1. Crackers from Sephora. Do you do Crackers at Christmas? I love this tradition and we usually do the standard ones filled with the crown, the joke, the little toy. We’ll have those again this year, but all the ladies at the table (that’s me and and my mom-in-law) will be getting a more glamorous version from Marc Jacobs and Too Faced. (And if you don’t already know, Sephora is in Germany and there is one on the Zeil in Frankfurt!!!)

2. Taunusbiene Honey. For the Frankfurt-area locals, this is a wonderful local honey produced in the Taunus. The Honig mit Zimt is delicious and I think it’s the perfect little gift for a teacher or when you just need a little something to give. I buy it from Querbeet, but I imagine it can be found at your local Bio shop. And if you’re not from this area, a local honey from your neck of the woods is also a great gift!

3. Stella & Dot sweatshirt. I have long been a fan of Stella & Dot jewellery (see number 10) and I was really excited to see that they now have clothes. I recently went to an event where the products were displayed and I got to feel just how soft these sweatshirts are. Santa may have already ordered this one to put under the tree for me 😉

4. Matching family holiday pyjamas from Next. Does your family do matching pyjamas at Christmas? Such a cute idea. Next has all kinds of designs and at a price that won’t break the bank if you are ordering 4-5 pairs.

5. Little trees from Depot or Hema. I am obsessed with little brush trees as decorations and my kids have so much fun creating little winter forests out of them. These two shops are my go-to destinations for inexpensive trees.

6. Aura Digital Frames. This is the perfect gift for grandparents, with the little caveat that it’s pretty pricey (starts around $299) but would make an amazing group gift from all the kids and grandchildren. Up to 8 people can digitally send photos instantly to the frame from their phones.

7 & 8. Monogrammed mug and  Cozy mug from Anthropologie. I love Anthro for mugs and these two are so much fun. The cozy one just looks like the perfect winter cuppa and the monogrammed one is one of my faves, but I must warn you that it is not dishwasher or microwave safe (the cozy one is!).

9. Chocolate Fondue from Butlers. Another cute gift when you need something under 10 bucks (it’s €7.99 plus you can add a chocolate bar) or you just want a fun little treat.

10. Stella & Dot Hammered Wire Earrings. I mentioned above that I love Stella & Dot jewellery and these earrings are perfect for day or night. My dear husband, I hope you’re reading this!

11. Oysho loungewear. I absolutely love finding stylish loungewear that is oh so comfy and yet looks good enough to wear all day on the weekend and not be embarrassed if someone pops by unexpectedly. Not to mention the prices are great!

12. Robes from Next for him and her. After a friend put me onto the family pyjamas, I realised that Next is full of great gifts. These robes are so comfortable. I’m all about being cozy in the winter.

13. Boden Schall. I have a scarf problem. I admit it. Cannot have enough beautiful scarves.


Well that’s my roundup. Would love to hear what your favourite things are!

Hope you’re having a cozy December!






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  • Sarah

    December 6, 2018

    We are wearing our matching Xmas PJ’s as I type😁, we love them! I am going to check out the jewellery… Thanks xx

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