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allthelittledetails.co ORC Week 4

ORC Week 4: Progress and Accessories

allthelittledetails.co ORC guest participant Fall 2018

It’s already Week 4 of the One Room Challenge and it’s been quite a week!  As a first-timer to the ORC it feels a little bit like running a six week marathon to get everything done. The first few weeks started off great and everything felt totally under control, but true to popular wisdom, Week 4 is proving to be the hardest so far! I promised last week that I would be talking about bedding today but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. Rookie mistake making such promises. Not everything I ordered has arrived and nicely styled photos in the bedroom are simply impossible at the moment! So instead I’m going to show you the current state of the room and share some of the accessories that are planned.

Here is the current state of our bedroom:


Everything has been pushed to the window side of the room because we have been diligently working on the opposite wall.


Removing woodchip wallpaper (Raufasetapete in German) is the utterly fun task we have been doing for the past three days (that sentence should be read dripping with sarcasm). If you don’t have the pleasure of ever having done this job, or you don’t even know what woodchip paper is, well let me share the wonders of it with you. First off, wood chip paper is basically bumpy wallpaper that is put on the wall as a base surface and then painted over. It’s not only applied to the walls, it’s put on the ceilings! (Insert horror face.) I’ll never understand why. After sharing this part of the project on Instagram, I have learned  that woodchip paper is quite common in many counties in Europe, not only in Germany. And I am clearly not alone in my disdain of it!



The woodchip paper has to be removed before my new dark and dramatic wallpaper goes up. This is no easy task. We went though two steaming machines and three days to remove the paper just from one wall. When I say “we” once again I mean my awesome husband.

Until today,  we have still been able to sleep in the bedroom, but that probably won’t be true tonight. At least our cat, Magic, doesn’t seem to mind all the changes. This is his favourite spot to snooze during the day. (You can spot some of the pillows I’m trying out in this pic).


The paper is finally gone and the wallpaperers are working in the room while I’m writing this post. My hopes of having the wallpaper put up today have been dashed. We knew they would have to smooth out the wall first, but who would have thought that they would discover a bubble of air between layers of plaster? They are currently removing all of the existing plaster on that wall and will have to completely redo it. Then hopefully they can come back tomorrow and install the wallpaper. Fingers crossed.

So in the meantime I’m going to show you some of the accessories I’m planning for the room. I won’t know exactly what will make the cut until all the work is done and the real styling can begin. I am sure there will be a base of neutrals and a bit of colour thrown in for this season that I can easily change out when I feel like it. Dark Burgundy seems to want to make an appearance for this season…..


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen


I won’t make any more promises about what’s to come next week, but I do really hope that the wallpaper is on the wall.

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  • Suzanne Fortescue

    October 25, 2018

    Like where you are headed. Good luck!

  • Jewel

    October 29, 2018

    I adore the details and can’t wait to see this come together! Eyes on the prize girl!

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