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Arnel Hasanovic

Back to School for Grown Ups 2018

It certainly doesn’t feel like summer is over even though my children have already gone back to school. In fact, it’s been so hot and school started so early this year that I haven’t gotten into the usual back to school mode at all. But I know the heatwave will not last forever, suddenly it will be September and that fall/ back to school mood will strike. So I’m ready for it and I’ve got you covered as well.

No matter how old I get, each year around September I feel like I need to stock up on basics like a new pair of jeans, a new bag or backpack and desk supplies. It’s also the time of the year to have fun with fall’s new colors and trends. Red and olive green are making a big statement this upcoming season, as well as plaid in every colour. And the start of the school year gives me a little motivation to get things organised, from from family activities, my wardrobe, my desk to my lunches.¬†Check out my Back to School for Grown Ups board and see if anything strikes your fancy for this fall.

All the little details.co Back to School 2018 Mood Board

  1. Red Hobo bag from HUGO. There’s no better way to introduce a trend colour than with a statement bag, especially when it’s such a classic.
  2. Dopper Water bottle. I picked up a couple of these on a recent trip to Ljubljana and I love them. They not only have a regular cap on top, the white part can be screwed off to become a cup. The company is actually from the Netherlands and I love that they have a serious mission to decrease the amount of plastic littering our world. My kids love using these as their water bottles for school.
  3. This caramel-coloured backpack from Matt and Nat is definitely a step up from your school rucksack.
  4. Family Organiser to keep your command center attractive and organised.
  5. I love notebooks and HEMA is one of my favourite places to go for cute yet inexpensive office supplies.
  6. This pretty green dress from Anthropologie could easily take you from the first days of fall, through winter with a cardigan, and then into spring!
  7. The perfect organiser from Ferm Living could turn a chaotic corner of your desk or kitchen into an stylish and tidied space. I’m thinking it would be the perfect place for school papers that need to be saved.
  8. I love a good old-school planner for keeping my days efficient and organised. This beauty from Ashley Mary starts in August 2018 and goes through December 2019.
  9. I must admit that red plaid takes me back to my school uniform days in elementary school, but this asymmetrical red plaid skirt from Edited is way more fun. Nothing says fall like plaid.
  10. If you want to corral things on your desk, like pens and your glasses, I couldn’t think a prettier way to do it than this tray set from Au Maison. It comes in blues or aubergines.
  11. I still love the “destroyed” look in jeans and I personally feel it pays off to buy a more expensive brand, like these from BOSS, that will not get more destroyed in the wash and which have a slightly more elegant look than brands geared more toward teenagers.
  12. Even techie stuff is allowed to be beautiful, like this iPhone charging cable from Ban.do.
  13. I love the colour and texture of this multipurpose bag from Granit. Use it as a weekender, bag for work or sports.
  14. A current favourite addition to my own kitchen is also from Granit. This glass storage container has replaced plastic containers and is the perfect size to pack a salad or leftovers for lunch.
  15. Soon it’ll be time to put away the sandals and flip flops and relish in the comfort of stylish sneakers. These splurge-worthy grey velours from Philippe Model are on my wish-list.
  16. If you take your coffee to go, you might as well make it at home rather than picking it up at Starbucks. Save the calories and your pennies and instead put it in a stylish mug from Stelton.
  17. Sometimes it really is the little details that bring you joy, like having a pair of scissors on your desk designed by Danish firm HAY.



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