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Color Trend: Yellow

From butter and chiffon to saffron and mustard, yellow is making a comeback in interiors. I have to admit that I have not always been such a fan of yellow. Images of saccharine yellow walls remind me of a grandmother in her kitchen, complete with lemon wallpaper. Lately, however, I’ve been seeing beautiful spaces where varying shades of yellow are used as an accent and I now have a whole new feeling about this cheerful color. Yellow can work with so many other colors to add freshness. It can be used in a big way, like a sofa, or in the tiniest way, like towels in your kitchen or bathroom. Go big or go small. Either way, yellow just feels right for spring. Here is some inspiration for decorating with yellow.

allthelittledetails.co Color Trend: Yellow

Copy Cat Chic

This ochre-colored sofa brings earthiness and warmth to this space without being too sunny. It feels more like a neutral than a bright color.

Studio McGee

This beautiful bathroom comes alive with the smallest additions of yellow.

via Pinterest

A pillow and a throw can transform a room and make it feel like spring. When cold weather comes around again, just change out these two items for a whole new feel.

SF Girl by Bay

If bright color is your thing, then yellow goes so well with so many. It looks fabulous with blues from navy to turquoise, not to mention how good it pairs with purple and magenta.


The phot of this dining room has made the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest for good reason. That yellow chair right in the center just makes the room without overpowering the space at all.

via Pinterest

I always say paint is the easiest change to make. What a statement this wall is! But notice that the rest of the decor is neutral. If you tire of this mustard hue in a year or so you just paint one wall and, like magic, you have a whole new look.
allthelittledetails.co Color Trend: Yellow

Hurd and Honey

I love the shade of these saffron pillows. They add so much warmth to an otherwise monochrome interior and pair so nicely with the wood frame.
Here are a few fun home items I love in yellow.
Color Crush Yellow allthelittledetails.co

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