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February Mood: Self care allthlittledetails.de

February Mood: Self-Care

Hello lovely friends, it’s been a while! I have been working on so many things that the blog has taken a back seat the last few months. But I thought I would pop in to say hello and share a fun mood board, one of my favorite types of posts, and talk about something so important: self-care!
It happens to be Valentine’s Day, and whether you are doing something special today or not, I think we can all use a little pampering and indulgence to keep our spirits up this month.
We’re all probably feeling overly busy, a bit stressed and desperately in need of sunshine and warmth. It really is the small things, the details that can make us feel good day in, day out. Whether it’s in our home decor or the contents of our closets, let’s all give ourselves permission to meet our own needs and wants once in a while. Let’s take a little time to take care of ourselves.
Self Care allthelittledetails.de
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5 Ways to Take Care of ourselves

  1. Indulge in a bath with some beautiful products and take care of your skin. You deserve it! Cowshed is a new favorite brand, the idea is so fun. They use essential oils to match your mood. There’s Knackered Cow, Lazy Cow, Horny Cow, Moody Cow, Gorgeous Cow and the list goes on. And I love Neals Yard Remedies organic skincare for my face. The Wildrose Beauty Elixer has been keeping my skin feeling hydrated all winter long.
  2. Buy yourself some flowers and make sure you have a beautiful vase to put them in. Tulips are everywhere at the moment and I can’t get enough of them. The white vase is the classic Hammershoi from Kähler and the pink and gold number is from Greengate, guaranteed to lighten your mood.
  3. Beautiful candles are a simple little treat that are wonderful to look at as well as smell. Skandinivisk is one of my favorite brands and this one, Ro, is the Danish word for tranquility. If you feel like something more feminine, the luxury brand Diptyque has a limited edition Rose Delight in an absolutely beautiful floral design.
  4. You deserve to feel and look wonderful when you’re lounging at home. Whether it’s actual pajamas or just “comfy clothes,” there are so many nice options out there right now. Try Oysho for pajamas and slippers, and Zara Home for loungewear, like these cashmere top and bottoms. And don’t forget a comfortable throw to wrap up in like this rose-colored one from Danish brand, Elvang.
  5. You know I love books and I couldn’t create a list that didn’t include a few. Taking time every day or every week to write can do so much for you. Check out the 52 Lists books for journaling. And I love illustrated books to keep around to peruse for a little pick me up instead of looking at my Smartphone, something like this Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to indulge yourself and I hope to see you around here again soon! If you are on Instagram we can keep in touch almost daily. Come check out my IG account to keep up with projects that I’m working on.
Have a wonderful day!

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