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December Mood Board allthelittledetails.de

December Mood Board

Hi everyone, long time no see! I’ve been very busy with some fun projects and lots going on with Instagram that I haven’t had much time to write here. But I’m very happy to be back today to share some Christmas inspiration with a December mood board.
It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is in less than two weeks! Are you ready for it? I’ve got most of the presents bought, but haven’t even begun to wrap. And we’re in the middle of all the holiday parties, especially for all of my kids’ activities. But that will soon die down and hopefully the last week before Christmas will be a bit slower. I look forward to just relaxing at home and enjoying the tree and decorations, Christmas music and of course Christmas cookies and Gluhwein.
My family is really enjoying our Advent calendar (see post here) and I have been so touched to get messages and photos from a number of people around the globe who were inspired to make their own activity or kindness advent calendars. It’s so nice to know that something I write or create resonates with someone else and maybe even motivates them to try something new.
Hope you’re enjoying this festive season!
December Mood Board allthelittledetails.deDecember Mood Board allthelittledetails.de
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Have a great day!


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