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This Week's Loves and Links allthelittledetails.de Blankets Cozy

This Week’s Loves and Links

Hi there! I’m so glad the weekend is here again. It’s been a busy week. I’ve got some shopping on the agenda because I want to check out some dining chairs, which have long been on my “to buy” list. I really want to get my newly arranged dining area in good shape, but when you want to buy eight chairs it’s a whole lot of money to shell out at once. I’m hoping to go “low” on chairs and “high” on a dream lamp that I’m saving up for. I figure it makes sense to invest in the piece the kids can’t smear food on 😉
In addition to shopping, we have an appointment to visit some kittens. It’s just a first look to see if there is a fit. I’m dying for a cat so I hope we’re going to fall in love and pick one out, but we wouldn’t be able to bring it home for at least another month. We shall see!
Here are a few fun things on my radar this week….

No Make Up House Tour Loves and Links allthelittledetails.de

Apt. 34

1. If you feel like your home could never live up to what you see on blogs and Instagram, you’ve got to check out the No Makeup Home Tour series where a group of bloggers show off their homes without the hours of styling that usually goes into photos that show up on social media. It’s fun to have a look at reality.

Half Bakes Harvest Pumpkin Soup Loves and Links allthelittledetails.de

Half Baked Harvest

2. One of the many things I love about this time of year is pumpkin soup! This recipe for Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Maple Pecans looks delicious. It calls for canned pumpkin puree, but I would use a fresh Hokaido pumpkin instead.

And Other Stories bag allthelittledetails.de


3. I’m loving this braided hobo bag from &Other Stories. I have a gift certificate from there that needs using……

London Fog Hot chocolate Loves and Links allthelittledetails.de

The Kitchen Mccabe

4. Hot chocolate is a house favorite around here and I would really like to try this one. It’s a London Fog Hot Chocolate with Maple Whipped Cream. Preferably I’d like to order it in a nice cafe so I wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble of making it 😉 but I might just go the extra mile and do this. Earl Grey tea is the reason why it’s called a London Fog. It’s an unusual mixture, but I have a feeling it could be delicious. I’ll let you know if I try it.

Lego House Loves and Links allthelittledetails.de


5. I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts and if I could make all my children’s dreams come true this would be it. The Lego House is opening up in Denmark and thanks to Airbnb, one lucky family will get to stay overnight in a whole house built out of 25 million bricks. Check out the slideshow here.
Have a great weekend!


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  • Rose

    March 15, 2019

    Too many great ideas. You have lots of interesting shops available to you.
    Declutter? Yes, I still have my wedding dress🙂.

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