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Green feature wall, midcentury modern sideboard, living room allthelittledetails.de

Hello Green: Two New Walls in my Living and Dining Areas

Hello there, I’m so happy to be back here in this space after a nice two weeks off! I have been busy at home, namely with adding green to my living and dining areas. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the big change already.
You might think this sounds crazy, but I think painting a wall (or two) is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change up a space. And I’m even willing to do it rather often! I painted two green walls in the space of a week.
Green Wall Number 1
Green feature wall, moody walls, allthelittledetails.de
We completely moved around the furniture in our living/dining area. This is the wall that previously had a big blue cabinet against it and the dining table in front. We basically switched the living and dining sides and painted this wall green. This is what the wall looked like the day after it was painted. The color is Alpina Special Edition 158 and seems to change depending on the light and time of day. This shot was taken on a rather dark and gloomy day.
Green feature wall, mid-century modern sideboard, moody walls allthelittledetails.de
This is what it looks like today with loads of sunshine and the addition of the new sideboard from Dutchbone, which was found on West Wing Now.
Dutch bone Midcentury Modern Sideboard, green wall, allthelittledetails.de
Here is a close up of the sideboard. I’m in love with its herringbone design and gold accents. The doors are now filled with games. We used to have all the kids games upstairs but now that they’re a bit older and we’re really playing fun games together, like Monopoly and Qwirkle and of course Uno, it’s more fun to keep them in the living room where we can enjoy them all together. It’s funny because after my kids passed the baby and toddler stage I wanted all their toys and stuff out of the living room. But now that they are in school I want to bring a few things back. Kept behind closed doors, of course! 😉 I moved the lamp down from my office just so it didn’t seem so empty, but I may leave it here.
Green Wall, Midcentury Modern Sideboard allthelittledetails.de
So now begins the process of styling the room. That’s my favorite part! I like that the sideboard goes well with my tall Indian cupboard (which houses our drinks collection) but it’s too much dark wood in one spot, so the tall cupboard will probably move to a corner on the other side of the room. And of course my mind is awhirl with possibilities for the wall. A gallery wall is in the making.
Dark couch with green cushions allthelittledetails.de
I’ve added some green cushions to my couch to expand on the green theme. I found the light and dark green velevets at Ikea, along with the black and white ones and snagged them all for a song. The gold sequined pillow is one of my favorites (found on West Wing Now a few years ago, no longer available) and was a bit pricey, but I like to invest in neutrals that I know I can use for a long time, regardless of which color I choose to paint my walls next.
Green Wall Number 2
Coffee Nook, Green Feature Wall, moody wall, allthelittledetails.de
So once I painted the living room wall a dramatic green, I had to do something about the blue wall around the corner in our casual eating area. I loved the blue, but it just didn’t look great anymore with the green in the living room. So I made quite a minor change and found a similar greyish hue in green. Below is the before.

Coffee Corner, Green Wall Moody Wall, Moody Art, Feature Wall allthelittledetails.de
Here is a close up in the new green. The best part is that the art and even all the accessories on the shelves fit seamlessly into the new color scheme. I didn’t change a thing!
Green walls, feature wall, coffee corner moody art allthelittledetails.de
In this shot, you can see both walls and how the rooms are connected. They are very different greens, but I feel like they work together since one is a bit more vibrant and the other understated and moody.
So much more to work on in this space, but I love the changes so far. Painting such a dramatic color on just one wall in the living room makes me feel like it’s a whole new house!
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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Green Walls, Feature Walls allthelittledetails.de

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  • Annie Smith

    September 17, 2019

    love the colour green on your lounge wall!
    could you tell me the name of it by any chance?
    Look forwrd to your reply!

    Regards, Annie.

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