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Photo by Jeremy Thomas Color Crush: Oxblood allthelittledetails.de

Color Crush: Oxblood

It’s time for my monthly mood board! A color I’m seeing a  lot of lately is Oxblood and I can’t get enough of it! It just feels like the perfect color to transition into the cooler months and it goes with everything. It’s gorgeous with blush and millennial pink, which is great because I’ve been so into those shades in both my wardrobe and my home for the past many months. It also looks good with every basic color in your closet or your home: grey, black, camel, brown, beige and even navy. And as an added bonus it looks great with greens, especially the military variety! I’ve put together a little mood board with some of my favorite looks and finds with this color…
Oxblood Mood Board allthelittledetails.de

  1. Adidias Campus sneakers
  2. Kiomi handbag 
  3. H&M pillow 
  4. Image: Chictopia
  5. Tom Dixon candle
  6. Image: wheretoget.it
  7. HUGO boots
  8. Decorative bottle
  9. Mango leather jacket
  10. Oysho bra
  11. Essie Bordeaux

If you’re a regular reader around here, you won’t be at all surprised to see the Adidias sneakers. I love a good vintage sneaker in a fun color for running around during the day. Wouldn’t mind the HUGO boots to round out my wardrobe for the evening! The Tom Dixon candle is a definite splurge at over €100, but isn’t it pretty? If you’re not so interested in investing in a trend color that you may not love forever, go for the H&M pillow or the fun handbag, which is way less than €100. Or the nailpolish, which will never go out of style!
Which is your favorite?

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