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Decorating for Fall All the Little Details allthelittledetails.de

Decorating for Fall

I really get into the seasons. It is now officially fall, so you can be sure I am embracing all the colorful leaves, the crisp, cool mornings and apple festivals galore. I love to collect leaves, go to pumpkin patches and apple farms. I love to make pumpkin soup, fig and buffalo mozzarella salad and apple crisp for dessert. And of course I am making a few little changes around my home to bring out the best of fall. But the thing is, I don’t want to get out a ton of stuff every time the seasons change. Who wants to pack it all away again? I prefer to change out the practical things, like getting out the warm, cozy blankets and the “fur” pillows and throws. I put away the summer hats and sunscreen and fill baskets near the entrance with scarves. I like to decorate with nature. I always buy white pumpkins this time of year because I think they’re fabulous for decorating. I have sadly not found any yet, but I did buy myself this one nice ceramic grey pumpkin. And I have gathered tons of leaves!
Decorating for Fall allthelittledetails.de
Let’s talk about color. As much as I love to see all of nature’s glorious colors this time of year while I’m outside, I don’t actually want all those colors in my house. Orange and brown and yellow just don’t go with my interiors. So I try to find pretty colors that are found in nature that happen to fit in quite nicely. The colors of these red leaves, almost an oxblood color, along with the colors of the figs and red grapes look lovely with blush and all the neutral tones I’ve got in my living spaces.
Fall entrance decorating for fall allthelittledetails.de
I’ve added those colors to my entryway, with a couple of candles and some fresh flowers cut from my front yard. The basket is from Bloomingville (you can find it here) and is my favorite basket to add to any room to add texture, not to mention that it’s actually really practical to coral stuff into.
Command Center Decorating for Fall allthelittledetails.de
This is our “command center” in the corner of the kitchen, closest to the entry. It’s that corner where all the important stuff gets kept like school permission slips and birthday invitations and where things like phones and I-pads get charged. It’s an important part of our household so I like to keep it as pretty as possible. And no, it is definitely not always so neat and tidy! But even with a bit of a mess, I can enjoy a bit of fall feeling.
Kitchen Command Center Decorating for Fall allthellittledetails.de
I change out some the art prints here with the season because I love art and have a ridiculous number of prints in my basement just lined up ready to be chosen to come out next. The blurry leaf shot was a photograph I found on Unsplash and had printed out on canvas.
The small clipboard is a great spot to add little printouts that make me smile and remind me to savor the season while it lasts.
Decorating for Fall allthelittledetails.de
Decorating for fall allthelittledetails.de
In the living room, warm and cozy blankets are one of my favorite things to pull out when the weather starts to cool down. My prettiest blanket stays draped over the ottoman and can be admired, while I have a whole basket full of inexpensive white blankets that I have no fear of being used and abused. Unlike the one above, they can all be thrown in the wash and if a major spillage occurred it would hardly be the end of the world.
Decorating for fall mantel allthelittledetails.de
Candles and fall foliage are some of the easiest and my favorite ways to add a fall feeling to my home, especially on the mantle.
Decorating for fall allthelittledetails.de
I even made a little DIY gold leaf garland. After collecting the biggest leaves I could find, I simply sprayed them with gold spray paint. when they had dried, I paired them up with some smaller leaves and used mini clothespins to hang them to a piece of string.
Leaves are fun yet finicky decor. They look fabulous, but they must dry completely flat or they will curl up and wither faster than you can say pumpkin spice. After you collect your leaves, place them inside or under heavy books for a couple of days so they dry flat. Even my spray painted leaves, which had already been left to dry flat in a book,  curled up so I had to put them back under the books after the spray paint dried to flatten them out again.
What are you doing to bring a little fall feeling into your home? Would love to hear in the comments!

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Decorating for Fall allthelittledetails.de


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  • Jo Becker-Birck

    September 28, 2017

    Great article! Really enjoyed reading and feel inspired to both lighten & “cosy” up the home! I’ll be making more use of baskets this year and our new Snug, which is completely & utterly devoted to relaxation (and chocolate). I may look into buying attachable baskets to add to message boards to extend the storage space and will try to declutter as much as possible! Thanks Nicole!

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