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This Week's Loves and Links

Oh my, it has been a long week. I am very glad it’s the weekend! Wish I could stay in bed all day Saturday and Sunday. Ha, dream on! I wonder how old your children have to be for this to happen?
Hmm, anyway here are a few fun things I’ve found this week…


1. Since all I can think about is curling up in bed, you might as well look at these 16 bedrooms we can’t stop pinning. 

The Lovely Drawer

2. In case you have more energy than me, you might want to try this gorgeous yet very easy DIY project. I LOVE the wallpaper she used, would add such a beautiful pop of color to an otherwise understated space.

Apartment Therapy

3. If you are trying to figure how to make your TV blend into your living room decor, like so many of us, check out this post on Apartment Therapy.

via Etsy

4. I love these lamps. They are available on Etsy for a really reasonable price. They ship worldwide from Thailand, so not sure how duty would work but I might check this out…

via Decor Demon

5. H&M Home has been consistently impressing me. Here is a fun look at the autumn collection.
Have a great weekend!

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