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This Week’s Loves and Links

Hi everyone! So I’ve accepted that summer is over and am ready to embrace fall. I love this time of year, and especially after learning so much about Hygge, I am ready to get all cozy as the weather cools down.
Some fun things I’ve had my eyes on this week….

Car Moebel

1.I love the pompom basket and the colors on this one look lovely for fall. Use this anywhere from storing scarves and hats near the front door to storing extra blankets or magazines in the living room.

A Cozy Kitchen

2. Baked brie used to be so popular and then it kind of went out of style. I think it’s about time for a comeback and this recipe with walnuts, honey and figs looks so good and is so easy to make! Who’s coming over for a cozy night in with wine and nibbles??


3. Isn’t this a gorgeously layered space? Read here for great tips on decorating small spaces.

4. You know how much I love for the home to smell wonderful. I also love essential oils. So here is the ultimate guide to creating fall scents using oils, like pumpkin spice and mulled cider.

Claire Brody Designs

5. This is one fabulous living room makeover. A designer updates her parents very traditional and a bit dated home by adding some fabulous modern elements.
Have a great weekend!

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