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Back to school for grown ups September Moodpboard allthelittledetails.de

September Mood Board: Back to School for Grown Ups!

September always feels like the beginning of the year for me, no matter how long it’s been since I was in school. And now, for the first time, I’ve got two kids in school so it especially feels like it around here. I have fond memories of back to school shopping from my childhood and looking forward to all that was ahead in the new year. It’s fun to keep that spirit as an adult, so I’ve put together a mood board for September that’s all about the change of seasons, and getting prepped for a year ahead full of style.
Back to school for grown ups September Mood board alltheittledetails.de

  1. Floral dress from & Other Stories. Floral dresses are on trend this fall. I love wearing them alone in September and then adding leggings, boots and cardigans as it gets colder.
  2. Spiral Notebook from House Doctor. This thick notebook looks so much prettier on your desk than random post-it notes!
  3. Pencil Set from DESIGN LETTERS. It’s time to get rid of that jumbled collection of pens and pencils and replace them with something stylish and grown up.
  4. Weekly Planner from DESIGN LETTERS. I have thrown out my to-do lists and now I only have a weekly planner for all the stuff I need to get done and it works so much better!
  5. Letter board from Granit. Add a little fun and inspiration to your office or kitchen with a letter board. Fun with kids, too.
  6. Cashmere cardigan from Mango. Fall just screams cardigans and this soft and cozy one would be so easy to dress up or dress down.
  7. Boyfriend Jeans from Banana Republic. I believe back to school means mandatory new jeans. These boyfreinds are so sleek, no need to save them for the weekend.
  8. Cosmetic Bag from TineKHome. The kids may be getting new pencil cases, but we deserve a pretty little bag that fits  in our handbags, just big enough for lipstick, band-aids, headache remedy and anything else we need to keep us feeling good throughout the day.
  9. Desk Lamp from Bloomingville. A beautiful desk lamp is not only practical but can add a little beauty to your life, especially important if you work in an office that is otherwise bland.
  10. Command Center from Granit.  If you’ve got kids in school (or even if you don’t!) this kind of board near your front door or in the kitchen is extra helpful to keep all the activities organized. The days of the week on this one are in Swedish, which I think will definitely up your Scandi cool factor.
  11. Backpack from Fjällräven. I love my Kanken backpack and I am just about tempted to make it a collection by getting this new design with striped straps. I love a good a stripe!
  12. Lunch boxes and bottles from DESIGN LETTERS. There is just no reason to pack a lunch or snack in Tupperware when you could use a super stylish and personalized lunch box with your initial on it!

What’s your favorite? And what does September and back to school season make you want to buy? I’d love to hear in the comments!
P.S. Don’ forget to pin the mood board to save it!


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