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This Week's Loves and Links

Happy September! Yikes, the weather has suddenly gotten much cooler here and it does feel like autumn is coming. Time to think about getting cozy!


Chasing Foxes

1. This is such a brilliant idea to get your house smelling wonderful. Coffee beans in a bowl topped with a vanilla scented tea light. Get even more easy DIY scent ideas here.

In Honor of Design

2. Time to start thinking about your autumn wardrobe. Here are three steps for putting a capsule wardrobe for this season together.

My Sandinavian Home

3. When the weather gets cool and grey outside, I want to climb in right here. This is such a lovely tour of a Swedish family home.

My Domaine

4. It’s always a good idea to add some life into your home, especially if you will be spending less time outdoors. Here is the busy girl’s guide to greenery. I’ve just realized that I’m not misting my plants! Could be one of the reasons (in addition to my missing green thumb) that my plants don’t always survive long.

Urban Outfitters

5. The weather is getting cooler, you’re more likely to be entertaining indoors or staying home with your beloved, so why not arrange a lovely bar cart for autumn? Seriously, I’ll use any excuse for a cocktail! And isn’t this cart from Urban Outfitters pretty?
Happy weekend!

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