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This Week's Loves and Links

Oh weekend! What do you have in store for us? These last summer weeks are flying by, especially with school already in full swing. I’m feeling the pressure to enjoy the last of the warm weather so there will be BBQing and a hike + picnic on our agenda.
I’ve got a few treats for you to check out this week as well….


Around the Houses

1.This is quite likely the best IKEA hack I have ever seen. Those are PAX wardrobes you’re looking at. Stunning. My mind is whirling as I try to imagine doing something similar in my bedroom.

IKEA YPPERLIG collection

2. Speaking of IKEA, I’ve heard the most exciting news: The gorgeous Danish design brand HAY is teaming up with the Swedish big box store and will come out with a limited edition selection of furniture and accessories in October. I’m just worried it will be like Target in the US when they team up with famous designers and the products sell out in seconds. Details here.

My Domaine

4. And speaking of painted ceilings, now that I’m really thinking about it, I found some eye candy entitled 19 Times A Painted Ceiling Changed Everything.


5.  And finally, a great product find. I am absolutely loving this rattan pendant from Bloomingville. It’s got a 42cm diameter and, frankly, I’d like it even more if it were bigger. As in HUGE. Nonetheless, it would look great above a dining table or hung low over a coffee table in the living room.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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