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This Week's Loves and Links

Happy weekend! I’m glad to have made it though this week of back to school and my son’s big start of school celebration (Einschulung). The kids seem to be settling into their new classes and I feel like now I can really get back to focusing on work.
We’re headed down to visit my in-laws near Stuttgart for the weekend and when I’m in that region my little treat is to visit a fabulous restaurant and store called Gourmet Berner. The make oils and liquors (can be found in stores around Germany) and have all kinds of home products, plus a great restaurant where my husband and kids can hang out while I shop 🙂 Look out for pics on my Instagram account next week.
In the meantime, I hope you have a relaxing weekend and have a little time to browse through some fun finds….

Apartment Therapy

1. Serious laundry room envy going on here with this article on Apartment Therapy. And the title is the best part: Laundry Rooms That Will Break Your Poor Disorganised Heart.


2. As summer is coming to an end and it’s getting darker earlier, isn’t this a fun way to light up your outdoor space? These DIY macramé cafe lights are calling my name. And apparently it’s a bit time-consuming but easy.

Elle Decor

3. Do you know the Swedish company Superfront? They make fronts, legs and handles to fit on your Ikea furniture. I’m in love with the look above and am determined to do a piece this year with some of their products.

Becki Owens

4. A little soothing eye candy with this 10 Neutral Living Spaces that Inspire post. Please send me that print and the standing lamp as I put a super tall plant into a woven basket and we’ll call it a good day.

Camille Styles

5. Blush? Dusty rose? Millennial pink? Call it what you will, but the big question in this post is if it’s becoming so popular that it’s on its way out and will eventually be dated to this era? I have to admit I love it.
Have  great weekend!

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