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My Favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de

My Favorite Danish Interior Brands (Plus a New Discovery)

Do you love Scandinavian design as much as I do? I have recently returned from two weeks in Denmark and my love of everything Nordic is going full strength. I had the chance to do some great shopping, seeing some of my favourite interior brands with their new collections on display, plus discover new brands I hadn’t seen before.
As I’m finishing up my home office renovation and doing the final styling I’m realising just how many Danish brands I’m using. The new String Shelf (actually a Swedish company!) seen above is showing off many favourite pieces from Danish brands Bloomingville, Hay, Bolia, IB Laursen, Design Letters and my new favourite candle from Skandinavisk.
In today’s post I’m sharing 8 of my favorite Danish interior brands. I have many more than eight, but the ones I’m highlighting below I have known for a long time. I have their products and/or have been absolutely smitten with their aesthetic for some time now. Plus I’m sharing a new discovery at the end.
Bloomingville My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
1. Bloomingville has been a favourite brand of mine for some time. This basket is probably my favourite piece of theirs because it’s beautiful in its simplicity and oh so versatile. Put an indoor tree in it, fill it with throws in your living room or hats and gloves next to your front door. Find it here.
Hübsch Interior My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
2. Hübsch Interior is another longtime favourite and I have just installed this lamp in my home office. Reveal to come soon! Find the lamp here.
Menu My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
3. Menu has such stylish accessories. I discovered this water bottle carafe at a restaurant in Copenhagen a couple years ago whilst on a very memorable girls weekend. The whole evening was fabulous: the food, the design, the amazingly friendly waitress and two of these bottles on the table constantly being refilled with sparkling and still water. One of the friends fell in love with these bottles on the spot and we surprised her with them for her next birthday. Find it here.
Normal My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
4. Nordal is another go-to Danish brand for me. I’m always impressed with their accessories and small furniture like chairs, side tables, shelves and cabinets. Find this retro plant stand here.
Design Letters My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
5. Design Letters has completely modernised the idea of monogramming. I love having a cup with the initial N on it. And now that they’ve come out with a melamine range, the kids can have stylish plates and cups with their own initials and it doesn’t matter how many times they go flying off the table! Find the whole range here.
Ferm Living My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
6. Ferm Living has been coming out with fabulous products for years now. I initially fell in love with their pillows and harlequin wallpaper, but these days I’m really into their wall accessories. Find this shelf here.
Hay My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
7. The designer brand Hay has mastered the idea of modernising mid-century design. Classic pieces like this tray table are so worth the investment because you know they will remain a favourite for years to come. Find it here.
Gubi My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
8. Gubi makes lamps and furniture that make me swoon. I am determined to hang this pendant lamp somewhere in my house. Find it here.
Andersen My favourite Danish Brands allthelittledetails.de
New Find!
I discovered the brand Andersen and this fabulous tapas board on a day trip to Sonderborg. Andersen Furniture, which has been round since 1916, makes gorgeous wood furniture and accessories. I love their cutting boards and small wooden boxes. It’s not easy to source their products here in Germany, but I have found the 28 cm tapes board available here.
There is no denying the Danes have an amazing array of design labels. There are many more great brands and it was hard to narrow my favourites down to only eight.
Which is your favourite? I would love to hear in the comments which Danish brand is your favourite and if you have a new one to share with me!

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My Favourite Danish Interior Brands allthelittledetails.de

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