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Photo by Jan Erik Waider on Unsplash allthelittledetails.de

This Week's Loves and Links

Hi there, this week’s loves and links is coming to you a day early because this afternoon we’re heading off to the beach! Hopefully as you read this we will finally be in a holiday state of mind, but at the moment we are in stress mode. That last week before you go away and there a million and one things to get done. I know this is not a strange phenomenon. You’ve been there, am I right? Going away on holiday is so wonderful that I almost feel guilty getting stressed about all the things I’ve got to do to prepare for it. Like the packing. My God, how many things can a family of four seriously take to the beach?! And of course it’s the last week of my son in kindergarten (forever! where did the time go?) so I have had to plan his goodbye party and presents for the teachers. Oh I could whine all day, but don’t worry I won’t do that!
I will instead share with you some very fun things I have been discovering this week. And then I’m off to a Danish island for two weeks. It’s my first trip to the North Sea. I have been hearing for years how amazing it is, so I’m curious to finally see it. And I’m very interested to see how the weather will be. We have literally packed for every possibility, including two weeks of cold and rain. Cross fingers that doesn’t happen!


1.I’m drooling over these espandrilles from Anthropoogie. I hazzard a guess that they may turn into a purchase that only gets worn a couple of times. I love them nonetheless.

Modern Mrs Darcy

2. As I’m off to the beach, you can be sure I have a collection of beach reads to bring with (on my kindle). To help me figure out what to read,  I happily discovered this book blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy. She’s got all kinds of reading lists and reviews and even a podcast. I’m hoping to have time to listen to that while I’m relaxing on the beach.

Car Moebel

3. Aren’t these poufs adorable? I’ve been looking at poufs or beanbags for our TV area. These beauties from Spanish label PURE are so great, they even have a removable cover that can be washed. The only problem is to choose a color!

4. Here is a fun post from a beauty editor sharing her best 19 tips and tricks she’s learned over the years. I’ve tried number 3 on my hair and it totally works! And I’ve started doing number 14 (adding a few drops of essential oil to the shower for a spa-like experience) and it’s fabulous.

The Nest

5. Last but not least, a little eye candy for you. Amazing uses of tile used outdoors. Emily Henderson’s tile floor on her patio reveal is to die for.
This will be my last Loves and Links post for the next couple of weeks while I’m away, but look out for a couple of posts that I’ve got scheduled while I’m on holiday.

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