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My fantasy garden allthelittledetails.de

My Fantasy Garden

I love plants and flowers. I adore hanging out in cozy outdoor spaces in the warmer months. But I’m going to be honest with you: our garden is not the most-looked after space at our house, and possibly the least. Neither my husband nor I have an innate knack for taking care of the lawn, the hedges, the potted flowers. I do my best, but the interiors always get my priority. Of course I want my outdoors to look fabulous so every time I work in the garden I have a running fantasy of what my dream garden would be like. Allow me to share said fantasy….
Fantasy garden all the little details

  1. The most important aspect of my fantasy is the gardener. The gardener knows when and where to plant all my favorite flowers and foliage and can of course keep them alive (my biggest challenge). There would be tons of hydrangeas and a myriad of cut flowers so I would have a constant supply of fresh flowers to decorate with inside. My gardener comes very often (funny, the gardener is always a man in my fantasy). He does all the work and keeps everything looking fantastic. He keeps his practical-looking tools with him so the only thing to be seen at my house are pretty, stylish garden accessories, like this gold garden hose from Garden Glory. As they say, their products are for those who won’t settle for the ordinary. It’s not an ordinary garden hose kind of price either, costing €125. And don’t forget the Raindancer Twist sprinkler. The kids would think it was so much fun, and really so much more attractive than an ordinary sprinkler. The price is €185, not cheap but more realistic that what’s next in my fantasy….Devon swingrest all the little details
  2. Since I don’t have to do any work in my fantasy garden, I have much more time for lounging. The dream garden has a lot of tall trees, so the Swingrest from Dedon seems to be the perfect place to relax for a little nap. It was designed by Parisian designer Daniel Pouzet and I feel that if you get one, you might as well hang a few.  The price is a bit steep at €5,690 each, but consider that it does include the built-in side table to set your drink.Royal Botania Zidiz lounger all the little details.de
  3. Once in a while I like to lie in the sun, so I might as well have some beautiful lounge chairs. Next to the pool, of course. I love the lines of these teak loungers from Belgian outdoor luxury brand, Royal Botania. The price is €2,199 each.Kettle Cottage allthelittledetails.de
  4. After the sun, I probably want to hang out with the kids and they may as well have someplace to relax and play that still looks super stylish. I think the Kettal Cottage is the perfect addition. Oh go on, add the lake to my fantasy garden as well. By the way, this one has the price tag of a real cottage: €17,000.Outdoor eating Royal Botania Jive allthelittledetails.de
  5. My fantasy garden wouldn’t be complete without an amazing space for eating, cooking and entertaining. I love the pavilion with its outdoor kitchen found here. I would add this table and chairs, also from Royal Botania, called Jive. The chairs are so gorgeous and would of course look great with the loungers I mentioned above. The table starts at €3,000 and each chair is €690. Doesn’t seem that much after seeing the price tag for that cottage.

Oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she? What does your fantasy garden look like?
Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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  • July 8, 2017

    Oh Nicole I love this blog post it made me laugh so much. Just brilliant. X

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