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This Week's Loves and Links

It’s been a scorcher here in Germany this week. Just last Saturday we had guests visiting and were walking around town in light jackets and then suddenly temperatures spiked and we have been burning up ever since. My dad lives in Nevada where temps hit 117 F (47 C) the week, so our 94 F (34 C) somehow doesn’t sound so hot. But without air-conditioning at home, or nearly anywhere I go, it feels like you can’t escape it. Looking forward to temperatures in the 20s all weekend.
Here are a few things I’ve found this week whilst attempting to stay cool:

House of Valentina

1. Check out this blog post about 26 ways to UNdecorate your home. I love these tips on how to keep your home from looking too perfect, because it really doesn’t need to be perfect!

Hello Glow

2. I cannot cook or turn on the oven when its already an oven in my house. This list of no-cook dinners inspired me to make avocado and egg salad sandwiches and hummus BLTs. Not exactly the vegetarian versions on the list, but oh well. I was reminded that sandwiches can make a great summer dinner! Next week I will try the summer rolls. I think my kids will love soaking the rice pancakes and wrapping them up themselves. I tried it with them years ago when they were way too young to appreciate  it, but now at ages 5 and 7 I’m hoping they’ll get on the Asian summer roll band wagon because I personally love them. Don’t forget the peanut dipping sauce.


3. If you’re heading off on holiday anytime soon you may want to stock up on summer reads. Here are 10 books for your summer reading list; half are fiction and half non-fiction. Perfect for me as I read a ton of both. The non-fiction recommendations are from one of my favourite bloggers and I always love the books she suggests. I’ve just downloaded the free samples of Improv Wisdom (non-fiction) and The Last Summer (fiction) on my Kindle. Can’t wait to start reading.

Zevy Joy

4. I love this patio reveal from the blog Zevy Joy. She’s got gorgeous dining and lounging areas, not to mention amazing flooring. I really like how she combined a sofa with dining chairs around the dining table and has got me thinking how to incorporate that idea on my terrace.


5. I’m in love with this hammock and wish I could sleep in it on these sweltering nights. Just as I was thinking it’s only a dream because we have no trees to hang it from and really no place to put it, I took a look out in the garden. If we got rid of the plastic play house that the kids are getting way too big for, it would open up a whole new space for lounging on a side of the house that’s in the shade most of the day. Hmmmm, must convince the husband and figure out some sort of stand since the surrounding hedges just won’t cut it.

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