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summer inspired art to keep you smiling all summer long allthelittledetails.de

Summer Inspired Art the will Keep You Smiling all Year Long

The temperatures are high here in the middle of Germany and I am feeling the summer vibes. Always a lover of art prints, I’ve picked out a few selections of summer inspired art that you will not only love now, but will leave you with that summer feeling all year long.

Left: Cocktail Lady
Right: Watermelon Lady
I just love these two vibrant prints from South African shop The District Six Store. Both prints are from Sil Design in Cape Town and they just make me want to laze away the hot summer months on a comfortable hammock, cocktail and fruit in hand.

Top Left: On Oceans Time
Top Right: Flamingo
Bottom: Surfers Beach
Turquoise water and flamingo pink are clear choices for summer. I like to mix photography with abstract and illustration, using the colors for cohesion.

Left: Plant on Pink Two
Right: Strelizia Leaf
Both these prints are from Desenio and clearly fit right next to each other. Cacti and tropical leaves are the big trends this summer. The touch of pink makes beautiful contrast to the green plants.

Left: Black Water
Top Right: Beach Life
Bottom Right: Breaking the Net
If you’re into neutrals on your walls, here is a nice combination of black and white photos and a fun sand with umbrellas shot. The two black and white photographs are from Desenio and you could order them with white frames to match the third picture in the group.

Left: Endless Summer
Right: Lofoten Walks
These two prints from Juniqe will leave you feeling refreshed even on the hottest summer day. Cool and serene, I just love that palest shade of blue.
Hope you’re keeping cool this summer!

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