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Picnic Essentials

I love this time of year for lazy picnics at the parks or even casual pull out a blanket and have a spontaneous picnic in the back yard. It’s also the time of year for long weekends as there are so many pubic holidays in Germany in May and June. This week will be another short week and the weather prognosis looks glorious, so I’m already planning some outdoor eating for the weekend.
Here are some fun picnic products to set you right for an afternoon or evening of entertainment. As usual, I’ve styled it in gorgeous neutrals plus a splash of color to two…..


  1. Basket bag 2. Stackable wine glasses 3. Mason jar glass 4. Tray  5. Stackable Boxes 6. Cool Bag 7. Napkins 8. Melamine plate 9. Glass jar 10. Melamine letter cup  11. Candle holder 12. Picnic blanket 13. Pink pillow 14. Black pillow  15. Bottle candle 16. LED lamp 17. Hamas towel 18. Round sarong 19. Speaker

We often picnic on the top of the Feldberg, our not so high local mountain, so we always pack blankets and extra jackets because it’s at least 5 degrees cooler up there and sometimes the wind can make it feel frosty. Don’t forget the sunscreen and if you’ve got kiddos with you pack some fun stuff like kites or a ball to toss or kick around.
Do you have a go-to list of picnic foods? I feel like I need to improve mine. My standard repertoire is cut-up veggies and hummus, sandwiches, fresh and dried fruit, water and wine. Pretty boring, but works in  pinch.
Here are a couple fun lists of what to pack food-wise. The first one is my usual style:

Simply Sensational products

and here is one to really step it up a notch (good luck carrying all this to your destination):

Parsnips and Pastries


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