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In Search of: Stylish Pots for your Indoor Plants

You may have noticed that a big trend these days is decorating with lots of indoor plants. I’m constantly seeing gorgeous shots of indoor spaces filled to the brim with plants from the likes of Urban Jungle bloggers. Are you onboard with this trend as much as I am?

Heimat Baum

I love plants and flowers, and although I am the farthest things from a plant expert and sadly don’t have much of a green thumb, I don’t let that stop me from putting them all over my house.  Adding something green to a room can completely transform it into a living, exciting space. It’s one of those essential little details  that any space can benefit from. And of course if you’re decorating with plants you need to think about more than just the greenery itself. What you put the plant in is just as important and can really be a great way to add a design element to the room.

Urban Outfitters

I’m smitten with hanging planters and  I love the look of this one above from Urban Outfitters.

A Beautiful Mess

I’ve been seeing a lot of leaning ladders with plants hanging off of the rungs. With my two kids, I’d have to firmly attach the laddder to the wall, but I love the idea of it. I’ve found two great ladders, check them out here and here.


I also love really big pots to display larger plants or trees. Grouped together they can really fill out a corner. This beauty above is from Bolia and comes in multiple sizes.
I’ve put together a board with some pretty flower pots (should really be called plant pots, but it sounds funny, right?) and stands that are all very affordable. Half of them are from Maisons de Monde, which I find to be a great place to find trends that are easy on your wallet.

  1. Maisons du Monde 2. Maisons du Monde 3. Maisons de Monde 4. Maisons du Monde 5. Nordal 6. Bloomingville 7. ferm LIVING 8. Liv Interior 9. House Doctor 10. Maisons du Monde 

Which ones are your favourite? I’d like to add the black stand to my home, just trying to figure out where to put it. The baskets are a really nice way to add a bit of warmth and texture and would work great with potted trees. And the wheels in my head are now working overtime with ideas on how to incorporate the hanging planters into my bedroom…
Have a great day!

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