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Ethnic Rugs: From vibrant colors to chic neutrals

Ethnic rugs are having a big moment. You may have seen them in magazines and in stores, with motifs from Morocco to the American Southwest. I think these rugs can bring so much life to a space. I’ve pulled together two lists for you. The first is full of vibrant colored ethnic rugs that would look fabulous in a boho-inspired room or if you feel like adding a pop of color into an otherwise neutral space. And for those of you who prefer an understated look or are a bit scared of putting so much color on your floor, we’ve got you covered in the neutral list. The second roundup is full of gorgeous neutral rugs with ethnic patterns in creams, greys, beiges and blacks.

  1. West Wing Now 2. West Wing Now 3. Fashion For Home 4. Maisons du Monde 5. Loberon 6.  Loberon 7. Habitat  8. West Wing Now

  1. West Wing Now 2. Lys Vintage 3. West Wing Now 4. Fashion for Home 5. West Wing Now 6. West Wing Now 7. Habitat 8. Lys Vintage     

Are you more into the colourful ones or the neural? Let me know which ones are your favourite.

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  • Jill

    May 8, 2017

    I have the vibrant so, of course, I totally love the neutrals! ❤️😂❤️

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