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This Week's Loves and Links

The weekend is here and the sun is shining again! At least for today. So enjoy it and when it rains again tomorrow (at least here in the middle of Germany) take little time to relax with a nice cup of coffee or tea and read some of this week’s finds. You may want to check out number 1 today as it’s best enjoyed outside in glorious weather.

Vegetarian Ventures

1. I am a big fan of Pimms, especially this time of year on a beautiful sunny day. Here is a fun recipe that includes gin, but you can always just mix Pimms with lemonade, Sprite or Giner Ale for a lighter, less alcoholic version so you can drink it all afternoon.

Joie de Paper

2. Joie de Paper is such a cute Etsy shop full of downloadable prints like this one called The Italian ABCs. They’ve got French, Spanish and fashion ABCs as well as other gorgeous black and white prints.

Wit and Delight

3. Could you go for a whole year without shopping for clothes? Here is an interesting article about someone who did just that. I’m not sure I could go that far, but the idea of giving up the fast, cheap, throwaway fashion really resonates with me.

My Domaine

I’m not foolish enough to believe these easy-to-make snacks are going to make me look younger overnight, but they look delicious and only three ingredients!

I’ll finish off with another great article that is also close to my heart. It’s from from Emily Quentin who is the founder of Makelight, a community I am a member of. She talks about how we need to give up using words like “girlboss” and “mumpreneur” because no man would ever call himself a boyboss or dadpreneur. Food for thought.
Have a great weekend!

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