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This Week's Loves and Links

Hard to believe the weekend is already here. Very happy that it is a long weekend here in Germany, Monday being the first of May. I have a full weekend ahead of me including the Boom! Design Market here in Bad Homburg. There will be hundreds of makers and artisans displaying their wares plus a whole street full of food trucks. Really I can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend. I hope you’re having a good one and you have a chance to relax and do something you really love. Here are a few finds from this past week:

Curated Interior

This is such an amazing house tour. I especially love this gallery wall! It’s not often that you see a gallery wall with color photos that looks spectacular, but this one absolutely nails it.

Design Chic

A friend of mine is planning to build a conservatory on to her house so this has been a recent topic. I’ve discovered this selection of out-of-this-word conservatories. Fun to dream what you could do with these! For the one above I would design a lovely reading “nook” on the lower level to drink coffee by day and wine by night, and a space to do painting and crafts on the upper floor because the light would be so good. Ha! The ultimate female version of a man cave.

Butterfly Twists

I’ve just heard about these shoes from the UK called Butterfly Twists. They are apparently incredibly comfortable and they even roll up. They are available on Amazon in Germany. The story of how they started in quite fun. One of the founders (a man) lost a bet and had to attend a party wearing 6-inch stilettos. The idea was born: can you design glamorous footwear that doesn’t ruin a night out? I’ve gotta try them.


Just for fun, check out How It Girls Display Their Beauty Products. Everything is color-coordinated and perfectly styled. The products in my bathroom will never look like this, but it’s nice eye candy.

My Domaine

Have you heard this expression: “Sitting is the new smoking?” It’s new to me, and seems bit extreme, but this article explains why an ageing expert avoids sitting too long at all cost. A little reminder for me to get off my bum when I sit at my computer working for hours on end.
Have a great weekend!

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