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10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in Germany, the US and a handful of other countries is coming up in a few weeks. Are you in need of a gift idea? Probably for the first time ever, I am not scrambling to come up with a gift and have it sent off to my mom in the US on time. We got together over Easter break in the States so I was able to give her an early present in person. I got her a Tree of Life bracelet from Merci Maman (number 2 below). It has all of her four grandchildren’s names, including my two kiddos, engraved around the tree. I guess that makes it more of a grandmother’s gift, but we don’t stand on ceremony in our family. She loved it, all that matters!
Since the pressure is off me, I’ve come up with some pretty ideas for your mom, grandmother, or any special lady in your life, including you! Feel free to send this list on to your husband or children, I will surely be doing so.

1. Click To Go cup from Stelton. Every mama needs a sleek and pretty to-go cup to bring along tea or coffee on those weekend mornings when some sporting event or other is on the agenda way too early. Available in many different colors.
2. Personalised Tree of Life bracelet from Merci Maman. You can choose gold or silver for the tree and lots of colors to choose from for the satin braid. Also comes as a necklace.
3. Wonderful Mum little case, perfect for a handbag to store makeup or snacks or crayons and paper for when you’re in a restaurant with little ones.
4. Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home. If you know me, you know I LOVE books and this one is on my wish list. Not only is the cover absolutely lovely, but if it’s anything like their first book, the inside will be just as inspirational.
5. Diptyque Mimosa Candle. You just can’t go wrong with one of these luxury French candles. They’re pricey, which make them the perfect gift because it’s something you might not buy for yourself.  The German online shop Aus Liebe Zum Duft is a great place to find them and they have the most wonderful customer service, with a handwritten note to accompany beautiful samples along with your wrapped-up purchase.
6. Set of 4 espresso cups with stirrers. Maisons du Monde always has the cutest sets of cups and I think they make a great gift. As much fun to look at as to drink out of.
7. Shopper from Hosue Doctor. I just love a pretty shopper. No need to use the supermarket’s own reusable bags when you have this. Fill it up with flowers and I think it would make a very nice Mother’s Day gift.
8.  Monogram Pearl Necklace.  This delicate piece from Anthropolgie is so pretty, would be great all alone or layered with other necklaces.
9. The Curated Closet. Another book on my wish list as I have been a devotee of a capsule wardrobe for the last few years. For anyone woman with a too full closet who feels like they have nothing to wear.  Is that every woman?
10. Wine glass from Bloomingville. Too funny, I think every Mama I know could use this glass.
And in case you’re looking for a nice printable card to go along with your gift, like the ones in the photo with the flowers, find some pretty ones here.

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