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Color Trend: Denim

A big trend this year is denim and I think there are so many possibilities with this color. It’s cool, casual, understated, yet can be dressed up easily. Whether you are going with an actual jeans fabric, like on the chair in the moodpboard below, or just a shade of denim, it’s a great color and it combines well with so many other colors: every neutral in the book, or punch it out with a pink, coral or red.

Inspire Blog

Here is a fun moodboard I’ve put together with both decor and fashion in denim.

  1. Box 2. Shopper 3. Chair 4. Sofa 5. Wide-leg crop jeans 6. Pillow 7. T-shirt 8. Rug 9. Throw 10. Espadrilles 11. Jumpsuit 12. Bowl 

I love the Batik pillow and the Hübsch rug (which is a steal for €145 for 120 x 180cm). And I want to combine the shopper bag and the wide leg jeans with a white t-shirt and sunglasses and it’s the perfect summer “going to the market” outfit.
Combining different shades of denim together is very popular right now and the same can be said for various shades of blue. You don’t need to match. If they are in the same color family, throw them together and see how it looks.

Chasing Rainbows Forever


What do you think? Ready to add some new denim to your closet or living room?

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