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In Search of: Affordable Grey Dining Chairs

After a lovely family get-together in Las Vegas over Spring Break, I am back to routines and working and blogging. For the past five days we have been experiencing what feels like the worst jet lag in history. Awake the entire night and not able to fall asleep until 9 AM. It’s always more difficult flying back this direction, but I don’t ever remember it being so bad. Last night we all finally slept during the night, so I am hopeful we have hit a turning point and will soon be back to normal.
So back to the blog! For the past month or so I have been doing a lot of searches for dining chairs, especially in grey. Personally I am on the hunt for comfortable grey dining chairs covered in fabric for my big farmhouse dining table.  I have wonderful memories of my parents’ plush dining room chairs and sitting at the table for hours after family meals playing board games. I dream of having this in my home too, so comfort is a big factor. We don’t eat at this table every day, so the chairs don’t have to be extremely kid-friendly, but I still worry about little greasy hands ruining the fabric. I would love to have eight chairs, but wow does the price tag skyrocket when multiplied by eight! There are plenty of chairs out there in every price budget so I thought I would put together a nice roundup of attractive grey chairs that won’t break the bank. I’ve included lots of different styles and materials. With the exception of number 18, all of the chairs are under €200, some well under €100 each.  The ones marked 2x are sold in sets and are often a great value. The tufted armchair (number 18) is €234, but if you are looking for this style of chair, it really is a bargain. And in case you’re not into grey but you see a style you like, check it out because a lot of these come in other colors as well.

1.West Wing Now €149, 2. West Wing Now 2x €1193.Car Moebel €95.90, 4.Car Moebel €175, 5.West Wing Now 2x €349, 6. Car Moebel €139, 7.Car Moebel €89, 8.West Wing Now €129, 9. West Wing Now 2x €209, 10.Made 2x €99, 11.Car Moebel €159, 12. Car Moebel €99, 13.West Wing Now €139, 14.Car Moebel €159, 15.Car Moebel €149, 16.Made 2x €189 17.Maison du Monde €79.99  18.West Wing Now €234, 19.West Wing Now 2x €149, 20. Maison du Monde €150
As I mentioned above, I’m looking for a fabric covered chair for our more formal dining table, so I really like the look of number 11. Only problem are the legs, which I love, but the color of wood doesn’t go with my table. I also really like the sleek lines of number 2 and I have a soft spot for number 18 as they remind me of the super comfy chairs that I grew up with.
Which ones are your favourites?

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