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This Week's Loves and Links

It’s the weekend again and it’s the beginning of Spring break in this part f the world. Two weeks off and we are headed to the US in a couple of days. So you won’t hear much from me before Easter while we take a couple of weeks to relax and recharge.
In the meantime, enjoy your weekend with a few fun things I have found recently….

The White Buffalo Styling Co.

This is a beautiful combined work and play space for blogger and mom. I love how colourful and creative it is, so she can work while her daughter plays and of course come back to work some more once the little one is in bed.

via Etsy

You know how I love to share great prints and here his one from Greece, sold on Etsy. I would love to put this in a children’s room.

204 Park

Here are 5 Minimalist bedrooms to drool over if this is your thing.

I have seen multiple updates on Urban Outfitters and how they are taking their home decor up a notch. The German site is still full of quirky, silly stuff that I also found fun in my university days. You will also find some nice rugs, like this one here. I’ll be keeping my eyes out to see if a real transformation is coming in from this brand.


And last but not least, a fun little slide show where cats have stolen the home shoot. I am a fantasy cat owner. We want to have a pet and we’d love a cat (well I would love one, my husband is indifferent), we just haven’t managed to make that next step–actually getting a cat. So in the meantime I indulge in slide shows and Youtube videos like this.
Have a great weekend!

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