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Grey, Blush and Copper in the Bedroom

A bedroom update has been on my mind recently and I am crushing on this color combination: grey, blush and copper. I’ve put together  a moodboard with these colors to show two directions you could go with it. One is more rustic with natural woods and the other has a touch of glam with more white and shiny surfaces. You might even say one side is a bit more masculine and one more feminine, but  any of the elements could be  combined to create a gorgeous space.

Bed: Made.com
Rustic Modern Look: BeddingPrint, Pendant, Desk lamp, NightstandBlush PillowCenter Pillow, Copper Vase, Side Table,  Grey Basket, Blush and Natural Basket, Rug
Touch of Glam Look: Pendant, Print, Bedding, Nightstand, Desk lamp, Grey PillowCentre Pillow, Rug, Grey and Natural Basket, Wire Basket, Floral Basket,  Flower Pot
In both looks, grey plays the dominant role and blush and copper are the accents. You could change that around depending on what you really want to emphasise. I like to keep the bigger pieces in a room (in the bedroom this would be the bed and furniture) in more neutral colors that I know I will love for a long time. When adding a metal like copper, I would stick to accessories and smaller lamps in case I don’t love it as much in a couple of years, I’m not stuck with it. Unless you have always loved copper, then go all out. You can check out a gorgeous and affordable copper bed here.
I love the look of a statement pendant above the bed and two small prints above each of the nightstands. I’ve found quite a few prints with this color scheme, the last of which are on sale at Etsy for around 5 Eur a piece!  Click on any of the prints below to go directly to its websight.

If you were to go with an instant download, like the last three shown above, it really makes sense to invest in a nice frame. I really like the style shown in the photos; Desenio has them in both wood and black.
What do you think about grey, blush and copper?

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  • Carole

    April 13, 2017

    Nice colour combination! We have the feather lamp in white at home and we love it!

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