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This week's loves and links

It’s nearly the weekend again and what a week we’ve had. So much rain and now beautiful sunshine. Here are a few things I’ve discovered this week and they go in that order, from rain to sunny springtime. Happy Friday!

I’ll start with this print since the beginning of the week was so full of rain. It is aptly called “Rainy Days” and is by London artist Monika Forsberg. You can find it in her Etsy shop here. I love to share interesting prints that I find on Etsy. It’s one of the best places to look for affordable art. There is no need to hang something generic on your walls with an abundance of talented artists selling their work at really reasonable prices. And you get to support someone who is creating what they love!

Style Me Pretty

A beautiful home tour filled with vibrant pops of color.

What a wonderful saying. I’d like to hang this up at home and look at it every evening during the witching hour of dinner with my two kiddos. The article is actually about how women should stop always trying to be “the fixer,” Olivia Pope reference included.

by Samantha

After the post on spring printable earlier this week, I had to include these fun free prints for the kids room too.

Living at Home

The sun is shining again and we’re back to that glorious spring feeling, so I’ll end with my current favourite way of displaying tulips.  Encircle them around the inside of any type of glass bowl or vase. A fishbowl shape is really fun. Just add a little water and you’re good. It’s beautiful as a centrepiece, elegant and casual all at the same time.
Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Aliina

    March 24, 2017

    Love it all, but especially the prints for the kids! How great!

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