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Decorating for Spring: Prints that cost next to nothing

It’s officially spring and I am so happy to pack away winter clothes and stow away warm wool blankets and wintery decor. Bring out the flowers and Easter decorations. One thing I always do this time of year is to switch out some art work. I have a lot of frames and prints around my house and the change of seasons is a great chance to freshen things up. But you don’t have to go out and buy expensive new art or store lots of extra art somewhere for each season. Who has space for that? I simply switch out some prints. Where can you find free or very affordable prints? The internet, of course. I’ve added three prints this past week. One was free and the other two cost cost about 3.50 EUR each.

via Etsy

This fun print was found on Etsy here. It’s an instant download, so after you pay a few Euros, you’ve got it on your computer to do with it what you please. I simply printed it off on regular printer paper (yes, seriously) and popped it in a gold frame I picked up at a flee market. On my mantle it’s the perfect little touch to transition the seasons and add a bit of whimsy.

I found this beautiful watercolor from Emily at Jones Design Company a few years ago, along with all the other seasons as well, and I immediately downloaded them. They’re all available here. I love to change around the vignette on the dresser in my bedroom every season. The basket is actually a handbag I picked up at Zara (seems to be sold out, but here is another new one on their website). I knew I would use it as decoration at least as much an actual bag.
Same as with the print in my living room, I simply printed this out on regular paper. The artist’s name and disclaimer appear in tiny print at the bottom. Obviously if you were framing a big print and hanging it above your sofa, you wouldn’t want that. But for a casual print in a frame leaned against another, I don’t mind at all.


This (free!) vibrant print from Dawn Nicole now brightens up a corner in my office. I love the colors and the combination of abstract and floral. Find the free download here (along with lots of other free spring printables). It’s definitely making me feel like spring while I type away at my computer. Once again, I simply printed it out on regular paper. In this case, this print is clearly meant to be printed on American-sized paper (8 x 10 in) so there was a bit too much white left at the top and bottom of my A4 page. I just cut that extra white space off and clipped the print into a standing clipboard I picked up at Ikea a couple of years ago. A standing clipboard, or one that you hang on the wall, is a fun and easy way to rotate casual prints or even children’s artwork. Ikea doesn’t  carry mine anymore, but they have this one now. And here is another standing clipboard found on Amazon and a set of four vintage clip boards you could hang up on the wall.

via Etsy

I also purchased this print from the same artist as the “I’m sorry for what I said when it was winter” print on Etsy. It was only 3.41 EUR. It’s important to know that if you print out a chalkboard print on regular paper, you won’t get the results like I did with the other prints above. The chalkboard effect looks washed out and it’s obvious I printed it out on my printer. So I ordered it to be printed from all posters.de. I simply uploaded the image and it cost just 12.99 EUR for the size I wanted, 41 x 51 cm. I’ll put it into another, bigger vintage gold frame I picked up at a flee market and hang it in my kitchen. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
What do you think about changing out art with the seasons?

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  • Aliina

    March 20, 2017

    Great ideas! So fun!

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