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This Week's Loves and Links

After a week of sunshine, spring flowers and lots of talk of the color blush, I find myself in a very feminine mood. This seems to be represented in my selections of loves and links this week.
I’m afraid the sun won’t last through the weekend, at east not in this part of the world. But I hope the following keep you feeling light and pretty despite the weather.


Gorgeous slide show of painted ceilings.

I have a thing for portraits and for pictures taken at interesting angles, such as from behind. So naturally I was drawn to this print.

A Beautiful Mess

Leave it to the fun girls at A Beautiful Mess  to come up with Rosé Soaked Gummy Bears. This must be tried at the next girls night in.

OYSHO on Zalando

Do you know the brand OYSHO? They’re from Spain and they have great, affordable sleepwear and underwear. For many years it was one of those shops I loved to visit when I was anywhere south, either South America or Southern Europe. I’m very happy to have discovered that they have an online shop in Germany now. And it’s available on Zalando. Their pyjama bottoms are SOOOO comfortable.

Country Living UK

Will you be colouring Easter eggs this weekends like me? I love the idea of just drawing on faces. So cute and simple. My kids will of course want to do lots of colors as well. Here are 30 ideas for decorating eggs if you need some inspiration.
Enjoy your weekend!

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