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Crushing on Blush, Part 2: Shoes!

While I was creating the Crushing on Blush moodboard I published last week, I found so many beautiful blush shoes that I couldn’t add them all to the board without overwhelming it. I knew there had to be a part two with only shoes. So here goes:

(The following are links) 1. & Other Stories 2. ADIDAS Gazelle 3. Clarks Glove Puppet 4. Anthropologie 5. Fred de la Bretoniere 6.Kennel + Schmenger 7. Nike Air Force 1 8. ADIDAS Superstar 3D 9. KIOMI 10. Pieces
I’m in love with vintage sneakers at the moment. I do like a bit of bling once in a while, but not sure I could pull off the Adidas superstars with the sparkle tip. I am thinking about ordering the Adidas Gazelles (on sale at Edited right now) or possibly the Nikes. The Georgia brogues from Anthropologie are absolutely gorgeous and the wedges in the middle look so sweet and comfortable for summer.
If you’re wondering what to wear with blush coloured shoes, I feel like you can go one of two ways.

Andy C Singer

You either go all neutral with your clothes and have a sweet pop of color at your toes, like above.


Or you pair blush shoes with blush on top. I was out shopping last Saturday on my girls weekend away and I can assure you that you will have no shortage of choice if you’re looking for something in blush. It’s everywhere at the moment.
So what do you think about blush shoes?

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