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In Search of: Wall lamps you don't need an electrician to install

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. Lamps are almost always preferred over overhead lighting as they create soft pools of light. That light should come from multiple sources around the room; I would almost say that you cannot have enough lamps.  Wall lamps are a great, space saving way to add light. The only problem with wall lamps is that if you don’t already have a electrical circuit point in the wall, it takes a lot of effort to install it, usually requiring an electrician. The good news is that there are many gorgeous lamps out there that require absolutely no electrical work. You just attach it to the wall and plug the lamp into a regular outlet. The cords are meant to be showing!

The pictures above are of my living room where we have added wall lamps on either side of the TV. They add wonderful light, especially useful when reading while sitting in the chairs. They also become a focal point on the wall. The Lamps not only give off useful illumination, but offer an opportunity to add an interesting design element to a room.

These are the Watt and Veke lamps that I ordered on Westwing Now (click on image to go to site). I found the light bulbs that were included to be too big. My husband thought they looked like Christmas bulbs. So I simply switched them out with vintage Edison lightbulbs (found (here) on Amazon).


I also love putting wall lamps next to the bed. It saves lots of space on the night table is becomes part of the wall decor. Instead of one large piece of art centered above the bed, one small print and a wall lamp on each side creates a more interesting look. The lamp from this photo can be found on the moodboard below.
Here is a whole board of wall lamps that I am loving these days. No electrician required!
(The following are links) 1.Gubi Bestlite BL6 2. Hübsch Interior 3. Caravaggio Read 4. Franssen Ball 5. Car Moebel 6. Hübsch Interior 7. Anni 8. Globe Lighting Astoria 9. Made Ogilvy 10. House Doctor 11. Jim and Jill Designs Mila 12. Louis Poulson NJP
Some of these wall lamps are bargains and only the very first one, The Gubi BL6, is a splurge. That is the same lamp seen the bedroom image above.
What do you think about wall lamps? Which one above is your favorite?

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