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This Week's Loves and Links

It’s nearly the weekend again and I am really looking forward to Saturday. I’m spending one night away in Wiesbaden with three girlfriends. Girls weekends are the absolute best, a much needed time to recharge the batteries and have a lot of laughs. Shopping and wine will most certainly be on the agenda as well.
Here are a few links I’ve loved this week.
If you are also looking for a laugh this weekend and you are a picky eater or have to deal with small ones on a daily basis, (watch these kids try 100 years of health foods.)
I’m in love with (this red bag). I love to wear mostly neutrals and have a fun statement piece like this.
The most tantalizing list of (5 Ingredient Smoothies) I have seen. I try to make a smoothie 3-4 mornings a  week. We don’t seem to get a lot of variety though, especially through the winter when there aren’t loads of fresh fruit options. I would love to have a menu of these smoothies in my kitchen. And magically have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Oh, and a nice barista to mix it up for us and then whip me up a nice latte aafterward Ahh, I can dream.
If you have a constant barrage of children’s artwork coming home like I do, (these frames) are a great idea for hanging up the special ones of the week and secretly throwing away the rest when the kids aren’t looking. Shhh, DO NOT tell them I do this. The would literally keep every scrap of paper they lay their hands on if they could.
Here is a nice slide show on (how to choose a plant for every room in your house). I absolutely love plants and flowers, but I wasn’t born with a green thumb. I spend a lot of time at out local garden store picking out plants, possibly more than I should simply because I have to buy new plants to replace the ones that I managed to let die.
Enjoy your weekend!

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