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Get the look: Moody Contemporary Dining Room

While I was searching for moody walls for my post last week, I came across this house tour from Australian magazine Adore Home. I immediately fell in love with the look and feel of the dining room. The blue accent wall highlighting white framed moody art and modern sideboard, the copper pendants, the grey chairs. So much to love. It’s a fabulous mixture of colors and textures to create a vibrant and inviting space. It works so well because the blue walls contrast so wonderfully with the pinkish copper lamps. And the cool blue of the walls and art juxtapose with the warm wood of the table. I would love to recreate this room. But do you ever feel frustrated when you see an amazing interior from Australia, the US, the UK, Scandinavia or anywhere else, and you think “That’s great, but I can’t get those things here in Germany.” Well you may or may not be able to get the exact pieces, but you can most certainly recreate the same look with similar furniture and accessories. I’m here to help you find them.  Check out this mood board for a similar moody contemporary look. And I did manage to locate the exact copper lamps.
1.Farrow&Ball Stiffkey Blue 2. copper pendants 3. framed print 4.  Bolia sideboard 5. black candle holder 6. table 7. set of 2 chairs 8. sheep skin rug 9. pale pink vase 10. Sultana candle 11. tall blue candle holder
If I were designing such a room, I would choose the art before the paint color. Once you have a piece of art that really speaks to you, choose a shade from the picture to pick a color for the walls.
Here are some more moody blue prints from Juniqe. Click on the prints to go straight to the website.

I really like this last print and think it would look fabulous on a dark blue wall, but it is square. I would only use a square print on a small wall over a smaller sideboard. If you have a wider sideboard and/or a long wall, I would stick to a landscape print.
Do you ever feel frustrated when you see an interior from another country and feel like you can’t get those products here? What kinds of products are you looking for?

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